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Why Are My Facebook Ads Not Delivering?

You’ve set up your Facebook ad campaign, and you’re ready to watch the leads roll in—but wait, there’s a hiccup. Your ads aren’t delivering, and that means no eyes on your prize! It turns out; there are some pretty common trip-ups that can keep your ads from gracing potential customers’ screens.

Fear not, because this post will guide you through each snag and their solutions, making sure your ads get back on track. Ready to turn those frowns upside down? Let’s dive in!

Understanding “Facebook Ads Not Delivering”


Sometimes, you put your heart into creating a Facebook ad, click “publish,” and wait with a big smile. But then, nothing happens. It feels like sending out party invites only to find out they got lost in the mail.

Maybe your ad is stuck in review limbo or tripped over a rule that made Facebook give it a big red “nope.” Or perhaps your pocketbook just isn’t deep enough for what you’re asking Facebook’s magic ad machine to do.

Imagine sending an invite to just five people for a massive party – kinda pointless, right? That’s what it’s like when your target audience on Facebook is too small; the platform might think it’s not even worth the effort.

Ads can also be like shouting into an echo chamber if everyone else is yelling about the same stuff at the same time (hello, high auction overlap). And let’s face it – sometimes ads are as engaging as watching paint dry; no likes, clicks or love hearts mean low engagement rates and yep..

your ads sink without trace.

Common Reasons for Facebook Ads Not Delivering


Ever been in that awkward spot where you’re all hyped up to see your Facebook ad go live, and then—bam—it’s like it vanished into thin air? Talk about a marketing buzzkill! But don’t worry, you’re not alone.

It’s quite the mystery when those ads don’t start flooding the internet gods with your message—but hey, there’s usually a bunch of usual suspects behind this caper..

The Associated Post is Unavailable

Sometimes you go to check your Facebook ad and find out it’s not there. Poof! Gone like a cookie that vanished from the jar. But hey, don’t worry—it happens to the best of us. If the post connected to your ad got deleted or isn’t public anymore, well, that’s like trying to sell a book with no pages; it just won’t work.

So what do you do? First off, make sure the Facebook page tied to your ads is live and kicking—without it, no ads for you. Check if someone made the post private or took it down completely by mistake (or on purpose!).

Got all that sorted? Sweet! Now re-link your ad to an active post—or create a new one—and watch those link clicks start rolling in again. Just like magic (but actually just good old fixing things up).

Ad is Still Under Review

Facebook’s team checks ads to make sure they’re okay. This can stop your ad from showing up right away. If your ad has been in review for a while, it might be because the Facebook folks are taking a closer look.

It’s super important not to change your ad during this time – that just makes them start over!

If you keep tweaking your ad or fiddle with the target audience, you’ll end up waiting longer. Plan ahead and try not to rush things. Remember, patience is key here! And if you have to wait too long, there’s always the option to reach out and ask what’s going on with Facebook’s support team through Ads Manager.

They’re there to help you get those ads out and about!

Ad Rejection

Ad rejection can stop your Facebook ads cold—no one sees them because they don’t get out the gate. Maybe there’s an issue with content or it breaks a rule. Picture this: you’ve got a great ad, but oops, something in there isn’t playing by Facebook’s rules.

The platform is strict, keeping its space clean and safe for users.

Got hit with a rejected ad? Take a breath—it’s fixable. First off, check what ticked off the Facebook team. Sometimes it’s clear as day; maybe that image or some of those words just aren’t okay.

Other times, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack—tricky, but not impossible. Fix things up or chat with support to make things right! After that? Back into review your ad goes! If all works out, those ads will be popping up in feeds before you know it.

Account’s Spending Limit Reached

Oops! You’ve hit your spending cap for ads. Your Facebook campaign has a max amount you can spend and, yep – you guessed it – if you reach that number, no more ads show up. Think of this like your phone cutting off when you’ve used all your data.

Time to dive into those account settings and tweak the limits.

Here’s a tip – try switching to a lifetime budget instead of daily limits. This lets Facebook figure out the best way to use your money over the whole ad run. It’s kind of like giving someone a shopping list with cash; they’ll make sure everything gets bought without overspending too soon.

Inadequate Budget/Bid

Money talks, right? Well, it sure does when we’re chatting about Facebook ads. If you set your budget too low, the Facebook algorithm might just give your ad a hard pass. It’s like showing up at an auction with only a few bucks in your pocket—chances are you won’t be walking away with that antique vase! Now think of setting the lowest cost bid strategy as your secret weapon.

It’s kinda like having an ace up your sleeve.

Let’s break it down: start with a lifetime budget rather than daily limits. This way, you’re telling Facebook, “Hey, I want my ad out there – but let’s not spend all my cash in one go.” Smart move! This tells the system to optimize for the best results without burning through your wallet too fast.

Keep things flexible and friendly for both you and Facebook’s delivery system – nobody likes being squeezed for pennies (or likes), do they?.

Very Narrow Target Audience

So, you picked a super specific group of people to show your ads to. Makes sense, right? You want to chat with folks who’ll love what you’re selling. But—if only ten people fit that magical combo of interests and behaviors—you’ve got a problem.

Your ad’s chilling out, waiting for those ten busy bees to log on and notice it.

Guess what? You can fix this! Think bigger; sprinkle in more interests or scoop up some lookalike audiences. These are the peeps who kinda act like your current fans but haven’t met you yet.

Bingo! Now, your ad has more friends to say “hi” toboosting its chances of making an impression (the good kind). Remember not to go too wild though—too many strangers at the party and no one feels special anymore.

Keep it balanced for the win!

High Auction Overlap

High auction overlap is like too many fishers trying to catch the same fish. It happens when your Facebook ads go after the same audience as your other ads. This can make it harder for any of your ads to reach people.

You might think you’ve nailed audience targeting, but if audiences overlap too much, they just bump into each other. That’s not good for anyone – especially not you! Check out Facebook’s AUDIENCE OVERLAP tool to see where your audiences cross over.

If there’s a big crowd in one spot, try splitting them up so each ad has room to shine. Give those ads some space and watch them do their thing!

Low Ad Engagement

People might not be clicking on your ads. That’s a problem! Low ad engagement means few likes, comments, or shares. It can happen if your ad doesn’t grab attention or if it shows to people who don’t care about what you’re selling.

Sometimes ads break rules and Facebook doesn’t like that—no clicks for you then!

You want more folks to notice and interact with your ads, right? Try spicing up the images or words in the ad. Rethink who should see it; maybe target some different people. And hey, make sure you’ve given Facebook enough time to learn what works best for your ad – patience is key! If things are really tough, there’s no shame in asking for help from someone who does this all day long.

Scheduling Problems

Sometimes ads don’t show up because they’re set for later or they’ve stopped due to an old end date. It’s like inviting friends over but forgetting to tell them when! Check your ad scheduling – that’s the calendar in the Ads Manager.

If your ads are snoozing, it means you told them to take a nap. Just go in there and wake them up by choosing the right times for them to run.

Also, paused campaigns won’t reach anyone. Imagine pausing your favorite game right before winning – nobody wants that! Make sure none of your ads are on pause unless you meant to hit that “pause” button yourself.

Keep an eye on those dates and times; it’s key for keeping your ads out there and doing their job!

Poor Conversion Rates

Oh no, your ads aren’t turning clicks into customers? That’s called poor conversion rates. It happens when folks see your ad but don’t do what you want them to, like buying something or signing up.

There could be a bunch of reasons why. Maybe your ad isn’t clear or the landing page is confusing. Your budget might be too low, so not enough people are seeing your ads.

Gotta make sure everything lines up – the ad should match what you’re selling and catch attention. The Facebook pixel can help track how well your ads are doing. If it’s set right, it’ll show if people are just looking or actually buying.

Boosting that ROAS (return on ad spend) means checking all the boxes: good pictures, great words, and making sure folks want what you have!

Solutions for Each Common Reason

Sometimes your Facebook ads might not be working right. Let’s fix that with some smart moves for each common problem.


  • The Associated Post is Unavailable: Make sure the post you want to promote is not deleted or hidden. If it is, just choose another post or make a new one.
  • Ad Is Still Under Review: Just wait a bit longer. Facebook sometimes takes time to check if your ad follows the rules.
  • Ad Rejection: Look over your ad and fix anything that goes against Facebook’s guidelines. You can also ask Facebook to take another look at it.
  • Account’s Spending Limit Reached: Check how much money you said you would spend on ads. Raise that limit if you need to keep showing your ads.
  • Inadequate Budget/Bid: Up the cash you’re willing to spend per day or for each action people take. Or tweak your bid cap – this is the most you’ll pay in an auction.
  • Very Narrow Target Audience: Broaden up who sees your ads. It’s like fishing – cast a wider net to catch more fish!
  • High Auction Overlap: Make sure different ads aren’t fighting over the same people. Change them so they don’t overlap too much.
  • Low Ad Engagement: Jazz up your ad! Use catchy images or words that make people want to click.
  • Scheduling Problems: Pick times when more folks might see your ad. Think about when they check their phones or computers a lot!
  • Poor Conversion Rates: Change what you’re aiming for – like clicks instead of sales – with a smart optimization goal.



Okay, so your Facebook ads aren’t showing up where you want them to. That’s a bummer! But don’t sweat it too much. Most times, fixing the issue is easy-peasy. Just check if your ad follows the rules, make sure you’re not spending too much cash, and give your ad a little tweak here and there.

And hey, if things get tough, remember help is just a click away at the Business Help Center. You’ve got this! Keep tweaking and testing until those ads shine bright like diamonds in people’s feeds!

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