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The Ultimate Guide To Growing Marketing Results With Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are like big, colorful billboards on the internet. They show up when you’re doing things online and help tell people about cool stuff they can buy or do. This guide is all about how to make those ads really good so more people notice them and want to buy what you’re selling.

We’ll talk about what these ads are, why they’re great, and the different kinds you can use.

Making a super ad campaign is like building a Lego set with all the right pieces. You have to pick the best kind of ad for your goals, figure out who should see your ads, and make sure your ads look amazing.

When you get it right, these ads can boost knowing about your brand by as much as 94%!

We also have some smart ideas on how to make sure lots of eyes land on your pretty advertisements. Things like using colors that pop out at you, keeping words short but sweet, finding pictures that say a lot without saying anything at all, and making sure everything looks clean – not messy.

After we put our ad out there in the world wide web jungle where over 35 million websites hang out – yes, seriously that many! – we need to keep an eye on it to see if it’s working magic or not.

By checking on our ad often and trying new ways if we need to makes us even better at this game.

And hey! Don’t forget about saying “hello again!” with remarketing which means showing shiny new offers to folks who checked out what we sell before but didn’t grab it yet.

So sit tight! We’ll walk through each step together so soon enough you’ll be bossing Google Display Ads like nobody’s business.

Keep reading; let’s turn clicks into customers!

Understanding Google Display Ads

Alright, let’s dive into the deep end of the digital marketing pool with Google Display Ads – those nifty little billboards of the online world. Picture this: your message popping up across a myriad of websites, catching eyes like fireflies on a warm summer eve.

They’re not just about splashing your brand in flashy colors; they’re strategic moves on the chessboard that is The Internet, my friend.

What are they?

Google Display Ads grab your eyeballs with cool pictures and snappy words. Think of them like flashy billboards you see on the internet. They pop up all over the place—on websites, in mobile apps, on YouTube videos—even when you check your email in Gmail! These ads are more than just fancy—they’re smart too; they can change their look to catch your attention better.

So picture this: You’re chilling on Google or scrolling through an app and bam! An ad shows up that’s got something cool that grabs you—it could be a funny animation, some awesome photos, or maybe just a few words that make you want to click.

That’s what these display ads do best—they get people curious about stuff while they’re doing other things online.

Advantages of using them

Google Display Ads are like having a superhero for your brand. They fly across the internet, landing on over 35 million websites and apps to show off what you’ve got. Picture this: someone’s scrolling through their favorite blog or checking out a video, and bam! There’s your ad, ready to catch eyes and make friends with potential customers.

Now here’s the kicker—these ads don’t just look good; they work smart too. Thanks to some clever tech called machine learning, these ads can find folks who might love what you’re selling.

Maybe they were shopping for something similar before or just hanging out in places online that fit with what you offer. This means your message gets to the right people at the right time without wasting precious dollars shouting into the void.

Plus, let’s talk about being in control of your budget because no one likes surprises when it comes to money, right? You decide how much you want to pay when someone clicks (cost per click) or when they just see your ad (cost per thousand impressions).

And if someone clicked but didn’t buy anything yet—no problemo! Remarketing swoops in and reminds them about your awesome stuff as they keep browsing around. It’s like giving them a gentle nudge saying, “Hey there, remember us?”.

So go ahead and dive into display advertising with Google Display Ads—you’ll be spreading brand awareness faster than spreading peanut butter on toast! Whether folks hang out on their phones, tablets or desktops all day long—they’ll get a glimpse of what makes your brand shine brighter than a diamond in a sea of glass.

Types of display ads

Google Display Ads come in many shapes and sizes. They can catch your eye as you check out your favorite sites or watch videos online.


  • Responsive Display Ads: These ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces. You provide headlines, a description, an image, and a URL – Google does the rest.
  • Image Ads: As simple as they sound, these are static graphics that show off products or services. Make sure they’re high-quality and engaging.
  • Video Ads: Move over static images – video ads tell stories with motion and sound. They play on platforms like YouTube and grab attention fast.
  • Text Ads: These ads use words to get messages across and can appear on websites within the Google Display Network (GDN). Keep them snappy!
  • Rich Media Ads: Interactive elements like animations or games take center stage here. They invite viewers to engage directly with the content.
  • Lightbox Ads: Starting as small banners, they expand when clicked on. This interactive expansion allows for a richer viewing experience.
  • Customized Gmail ads: Seen at the top of your Gmail inbox, these expandable ads feel like part of your email flow but highlight specific marketing messages.

Creating Effective Display Ad Campaigns

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of crafting display ad campaigns that are more magnetic than a fridge full of vacation souvenirs. We’re talking about the kind that makes internet users stop in their digital tracks and think, “Wow, I need to check this out.” From picking just the right campaign cocktail to stirring in a splash of creativity with your ad design – it’s all about setting up for those sweet, sweet clicks….

Choosing the right campaign type

Selecting the right campaign type is crucial for meeting your advertising goals. It shapes how you’ll connect with your target audience and influence their actions.


  • Think about what you want to achieve. Are you looking to get more website visits, calls, or maybe store visits? Your goal guides your choice.
  • Know who you need to reach. Different campaigns work better for different groups of people. Make sure your campaign matches your audience’s habits.
  • Check out Display Ads if brand awareness is the game. They’re good at getting lots of eyes on your brand.
  • Go for Search Ads when you want to be seen in Google search results. These can help catch folks actively looking for what you offer.
  • Consider shopping campaigns if you sell products online. They let folks see what you have right when they’re ready to buy.
  • Use video ads to tell a story. This is great if you need more time to show off what makes your product special.
  • Take advantage of Remarketing campaigns when folks have visited but left without buying. It can remind them about that thing they liked on your site.
  • Affinity audiences are bunches of people with similar likes or needs. Targeting these groups can make sure the right eyes see your ads.

Defining campaign goals

Setting goals for your Google Display Ads is like picking the target before shooting an arrow. You might want to tell more people about your cool product or maybe get them excited to visit your website.

Think of it as telling the world, “Hey, look at this awesome thing I’ve got!” Your focus could be on folks who are ready to buy or just those starting to think about it.

By knowing what you want from your ad campaign, whether it’s brand buzz or a boost in online sales, you can make smart choices every step of the way. And hey—it’s not just about launching and hoping for the best.

With clear aims, like getting more eyes on your ads or convincing people to click that buy button (hello checkout!), each decision you make has purpose behind it—like deciding where to hang out on the web so the right folks see you shine!

Selecting targeting options

Selecting the right targeting options for your Google Display Ads is like picking the perfect outfit for a big event. It’s all about matching your ad to the folks who will love it most.


  1. Consider demographics—things like age, gender, and how much money people might make. You can focus your ads on folks who fit into certain groups.
  2. Think locations where you want your ad to show up. You can aim at whole countries, cities, or even places as specific as a local shop.
  3. Look at language settings so your ad speaks the same lingo as the people you’re trying to reach.
  4. Dive into devices—decide if you want to catch eyes on computers, phones, or tablets.
  5. Use exclusions to skip over spots where you don’t want your ad popping up.
  6. Set a smart budget that feels good for your wallet and works hard for your ads.
  7. Figure out bids—how much cash you’ll shell out when someone clicks or sees your ad.

Designing visually appealing ads

Making your ads look good is key to catching people’s eyes. You want high-quality pictures and colors that stand out, so when someone sees your ad, they think, “Wow, I’ve got to see what this is about!” Keep the words short and sweet—too much text turns folks off.

And pick images that tell a story about what you’re selling; this way, people can get it right away without scratching their heads.

Okay, let’s talk color schemes—they’re like superpowers for grabbing attention. Use bold contrasts to make everything pop. But careful now—don’t throw in everything but the kitchen sink! A messy ad just makes people bounce off quicker than a rubber ball.

Rotate new ads every few weeks too—it keeps things fresh and interesting because no one likes stale bread or stale ads!

Best Practices for Creating Quality Display Ads

Alright, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts—creating quality display ads is like whipping up your grandma’s secret recipe; it’s got to have just the right ingredients! We’re talking eye-catching designs that pop off the screen and make viewers say, “Wait..what was that?” Don’t worry, I’ve got a treasure trove of tips to ensure your ads don’t just blend into the background like some shy wallflower at a high school dance.

Use high-contrast

High-contrast colors are like a secret weapon for Google display ads. They make your ad pop off the page and shout, “Hey, look at me!” Think about it – if you’re scrolling through a website, an ad with bold, eye-catching colors will stop you in your tracks.

That’s what you want, right? For people to pause and see what you’ve got to say.

So grab those bright blues, vivid yellows or even stark whites against deep blacks. These high-contrast designs aren’t just cool to look at; they serve a purpose. You see (pun intended), they help your words stand out so everyone can read them easily.

And when folks can read your message without squinting or guessing, well.. that’s when magic happens. They get what you’re selling and why it’s awesome for them.

Limit text

Keep your words on the ad short and sweet. You’ve got just a moment to catch someone’s eye as they browse the web. So use powerful, easy words that tell them what’s up fast. Picture this: you’re giving folks a quick hint, not telling a whole story.

Think about those tiny billboards you see when driving down the highway—short phrases, big impact, right? That’s your goal with Google Display Ads too. And hey, don’t forget that different ad types let you play with different amounts of text.

Responsive display ads give you more room than static image ads but stay sharp—no one likes reading an essay on an ad! Keep it punchy; get straight to the point of why they should click your call to action.

Choose descriptive images

Picking the right images for your Google Display Ads can really grab people’s attention. Make sure they tell a story about what you’re selling or show folks using your product. This helps viewers see why they need what you offer.

Use pictures that stand out and are easy to understand at a quick glance.

You want every image to hit the mark, so think about what works best in ads you’ve run before. Which pictures got people clicking? Use those as a guide. And don’t forget – follow Google’s image guidelines to keep things smooth and make sure your ad looks great wherever it shows up!

Avoid visual clutter

Keeping your display ads simple helps people understand them fast. Too many colors or words can confuse folks. Use just enough text to get your message across, and let one main image do the talking.

This way, you grab attention without making things too busy.

Colors really matter in ads. Make sure they pop but don’t clash. Also, a clear call to action is key – tell people exactly what you want them to do next. Good copywriting keeps things clean and focused, so your ad stays neat and powerful.

Have a specific goal in mind

Think about what you want your Google Display Ads to do. Maybe you want more people to visit your website or buy something from you. Whatever it is, make sure it’s clear in your head.

You can use SMART goals to keep on track. These goals are like a roadmap; they tell you where to go and how to get there.

Your goal guides everything from the ad design to who sees your ads. For instance, if increasing sales is the aim, then focus on folks ready to buy—like in-market audiences looking for what you sell.

This way—oops!—your ads hit the right eyes and boom, results happen! Keep these goals front and center as they’re the stars of your campaign show.

Now, let’s say signs point towards boosting brand visibility instead; choose images that shout out “Hey look at me!” and place them where your future fans hang out online. Connecting dots between targets and tactics helps turn those clicks into loyal customers—or hey, even raving fans!

Optimize landing page

Your landing page is like the front door to your digital house; it’s where folks come after they click your ad. You want to make sure this spot is super welcoming and makes them want to stay.

Make it snappy, so everything loads fast! Also, line up what you say on your landing page with what’s in your ads. This way, people know they’re in the right place.

Here’s a pro move—squeeze every drop of juice from those visits by having clear ways for visitors to sign up or buy something. Think forms that are easy to fill out or big shiny buttons that catch their eye.

Plus, a top-notch design and smooth experience keep them happy and wanting more. Remember, the best Google Ads landings aren’t just pretty; they work great too!

Measuring and Improving Display Ad Performance

Now, let’s talk turkey (or should we say “clicks”) — measuring and ramping up your Google Display Ad performance is where the rubber meets the road. It’s that nifty dance between numbers and creativity, using tools like Google Analytics to see if you’re getting bang for your buck.

You tweak, refine, maybe throw in a splash of remarketing magic.. Before you know it – boom! Those graphs are climbing faster than your last caffeine-fueled Monday morning!

Tracking campaign success

Keeping an eye on how your Google Display Ads do is super important. You’ll get to know if you’re reaching the right folks and if they like what they see.


  • Peek at Google Analytics often. This tool shows how people interact with your ads. You’ll see who clicks, who buys, and who just looks.
  • Check those conversion rates. They tell you how many clicks turn into actual sales or sign-ups on your landing pages.
  • Use conversion tracking. It lets you see after someone clicks your ad, do they do something valuable like buying something or signing up for a newsletter?
  • Keep an eye on the quality score. This number tells you if Google thinks your ad is good. A higher score usually means a lower cost per click (CPC) and better ad positions.
  • Don’t forget view – through conversions. Some people see an ad but don’t click right away—they might visit later. This counts too!
  • Make experiments your friend. Try different ads, targeting options, and bidding strategies to see what works best.
  • Remarketing is key! Show ads to folks who have visited your site before. It’s like a little reminder for them to come back and take another look.
  • Dig into demographic targeting info. Adjust who sees your ads based on age, gender, location, and more to connect with the perfect audience.
  • Think about custom audiences and similar audiences too. These are groups of people who are likely interested in what you’re selling because they’re like other customers you’ve had success with before.
  • Last thing—look at patterns over time. Keeping track of changes helps spot trends so you can react fast.

Experimenting with different approaches

Growing your marketing results with Google Display Ads is like gardening. You plant seeds, water them, and try different things to help them grow. Let’s dig into how mixing up your methods can boost your ad game.


  • Mix and match targeting options. Try combining demographics with interests or recent web behavior (contextual targeting). This way, you’re not just shouting into the void; you’re speaking directly to folks who might actually want what you’re offering.
  • Change up your visuals. Swap out images and play with colors in your banner ads. Think about it – if every ad looks the same, they’ll blend in. But if one pops with bright colors or a unique picture, it’ll stick out like a tall flower in a field of grass.
  • Test ad copy variations. Your words are powerful bait for catching customers. Sometimes a playful joke will do the trick; other times, getting straight to the point works best. Keep tweaking those words until they sing.
  • Play with different ad sizes and formats. There’s no one-size-fits-all here—some people might notice big ads more, while others pay attention to small ones that pop up as they scroll through their favorite blogger’s latest post.
  • Use Google Ads experiments to fine – tune your approach. These nifty tools let you test new ideas without messing up what’s already working. It’s like trying out new gardening gloves while still wearing your trusty old pair underneath.
  • Adjust bids based on performance data. If an ad is doing great guns, maybe it’s worth throwing a few more dollars its way to see if it does even better.
  • Revisit your landing page often. The place people land after clicking your ad should be just as exciting as the ad itself! Make sure it matches the promise of the ad and makes folks want to stick around—or better yet, take action.

Utilizing remarketing capabilities

Remarketing is like saying “Hello again!” to folks who’ve checked out your stuff before. It’s super smart because it shows ads to people who visited your site but didn’t buy anything yet.

You get another chance to win them over! The cool part? These ads can pop up while they’re reading blogs, watching videos, or even hunting for new shoes on other sites.

Let me tell you, remarketing works wonders for your ad game. It grabs the attention of potential buyers all over the internet and reminds them about how awesome your products are. And guess what? Setting this up isn’t rocket science; with a few clicks in Google Ads, you’ll have ads that follow customers around (in a good way) and keep bringing ’em back until they’re ready to make that purchase.

Oh, and those improved results we mentioned? They aren’t just pie-in-the-sky dreams — they’re totally doable wins when you play the remarketing card right.

Expert tips for successful Google Display Ads

To make your Google Display Ads work great, keep an eye on them. You have to check how they’re doing often. Use tools like Google Analytics to see if people are clicking and liking your ads.

If something’s not working, change it up! Try new pictures or words that grab attention.

Also, think about who you want to see your ad. Find the right audience by using things like in-market segments. This means showing your ads to folks who are already interested in what you sell.

Keep your messages clear and go straight for what customers need – maybe a special deal or a hot item only you offer! And hey, don’t waste time on stuff that looks fancy but doesn’t help—like vanity metrics nobody really cares about.

Stick with the smart moves that get real results, like more website clicks or sales.

Remember these smart tips and give ’em a try; soon enough, you’ll see better numbers popping up on your screen!


Google Display Ads can really help your brand stand out. They show off what you sell in a way that grabs people’s attention. You’ve got lots of choices for how your ads look and who sees them.

If you make great-looking ads and check how they’re doing, they can work even better. So go ahead, try out these ideas with your own ads!


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