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The Top Tools You Need To Begin Your WordPress Website

Starting a WordPress website can feel like setting sail on open seas—exciting, but a little daunting if you’re not sure what gear to pack. Thankfully, with the right tools in your kit, that digital voyage becomes less of an odyssey and more of a pleasure cruise.

As someone who’s been steering through WordPress waters for years, I’ve got the navigational charts you’ll need; I’ve seen firsthand which instruments are critical for smooth sailing.

These carefully curated treasures aren’t just shiny gadgets—they’re the compasses and anchors that will keep your online presence buoyant and heading true north. Among them is WP-CLI—a swiss-army knife for developers—and it’s just the beginning! This article is your treasure map to finding those jewels of efficiency that every web captain desires.

Ready? Let’s dive into this trove of indispensable tools..

Essential WordPress Development Tools

Ready to dive into the world of WordPress development? You’ll want to arm yourself with some seriously nifty tools that’ll feel like having superpowers; ones that streamline your workflow and keep the technical gremlins at bay.

Whether you’re wrangling custom fields or managing commands quicker than a click, this toolkit is your secret weapon for crafting a website that’s as unique as your digital fingerprint – no cape required!


WP-CLI may sound techy, but it’s a friend in disguise for those diving into the Word Press world. Think of it as your handy command-line buddy—super useful for setting up shop without even touching the mouse! You can add new features, check on your site’s health, or fix issues all by typing quick commands.

Got multiple websites to manage? No sweat—WP-CLI has got you covered there too. It lets you boss around several sites at once from one spot. And if you’re working via SSH, WP-CLI feels right at home; that’s its playground! Trust me, once you start using this tool supported by cool folks like WP Engine, waving goodbye to dashboard drudgery becomes a breeze.


DevKinsta is like a magic tool for anyone who wants to work on WordPress sites without being live on the internet. It lets you create and mess with your website on your own computer, just like you’re online, but you’re not.

So cool, huh? You can try new designs, add features, or fix things up without worrying that something might go wrong and everyone can see it.

Let’s say bye-bye to stress because this awesome software from Kinsta gives free local WordPress development tools. Web designers out there will love it! They can test everything from plugins to themes with no trouble at all.

And guess what? It’s user-friendly too—no need to be a wizard in code or tech stuff to use it. Think of DevKinsta as your secret lab where great website ideas come to life before they hit the big stage – the internet.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields, or ACF for short, lets you add cool extra things to your WordPress site. It’s like giving your website superpowers! With this tool, you can make special places on your site where you can put whatever info you want.

It makes everything about customizing your site way easier and helps you show off those fancy fields on the front page.

Think of ACF as a magic wand for your WordPress project—it’s got so many tricks up its sleeve. Over 4.5 million websites use it because it’s that good at tweaking content just how you need it.

The plugin isn’t just for the pros; even if you’re new to making sites, it’ll feel like having a best buddy by your side. And hey, if you decide to get the pro version? You’re in for even more treats and features that step up your website game big time!

Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Freelancers

Alright, freelancers, buckle up! We’re diving into the digital toolbox to unearth those game-changing WordPress plugins that’ll make your life easier. Forget about dull tasks and tech headaches; these little gems are all about boosting productivity and keeping your creative juices flowing—without getting tangled in a web of code.

Stay tuned for the scoop on these must-haves—you won’t wanna miss out!

WP Reset

WP Reset is like a big red button for your WordPress site. But instead of a boom, it gives you a fresh start. Imagine messing around with new themes or plugins and something goes wrong—this tool saves the day.

It clears everything out and puts things back to square one without breaking a sweat.

Building websites can get messy, kind of like painting your room. You try this color, that shelf there—and before you know it, it’s chaos! That’s when WP Reset comes in handy for freelancers and developers alike.

Zap! Your site is clean and ready for another round of experiments or fixes, just like magic (or really smart code). Plus, finding it is easy peasy since it’s right there waiting in the repository.

Debug Bar

The Debug Bar is like a secret agent for your WordPress site. It sneaks into the admin bar and gives you all kinds of info about queries, cache, and other techy stuff that’s super useful for troubleshooting.

Think of it as your website detective, letting you peek behind the scenes to see what’s happening on each page.

You won’t have to dig around the internet looking for this plugin—it’s right there in the WordPress Plugin Repository waiting for you. Just hit install, and boom! You’re ready to get all Sherlock Holmes on your website issues.

And hey, if you ever get stuck, there’s this awesome thing called the WordPress Plugin Handbook packed with rules and tips to help you out.

Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast Duplicate Post is a tool you’ll find super handy if you’re running a WordPress site. It lets you make copies of your posts or pages in just a click, so you can work on them without messing up the original.

Think of it like having a safety net for your content!

And hey, over 3 million people use this plugin—so it’s not just popular; it’s trusted by folks all over the web world. Yoast even brought it into their family, and that’s saying something! Whether you’re tweaking an article or prepping something new, this plugin has got your back with its Rewrite & Republish feature.

It’s like having a little helper right inside your dashboard to speed things along and keep everything neat and tidy.

Crucial WordPress Website Design Tools

When you’re diving into the world of WordPress website design, it’s like stepping into an artist’s studio – and trust me, the right tools can turn that daunting blank canvas into a masterpiece; stay tuned to unearth these game-changers!


Canva is a game-changer for anyone diving into website design. It’s like having a magic wand to whip up stunning graphics, presentations, and now—boom!—even your entire website can look top-notch.

Imagine dragging and dropping your way to an eye-popping site that tells your story with pizzazz.

Got a WordPress site? Great news! Canva waltzed right into the WordPress world with its own plugin. Simply create your designs, snag the embed code, and sprinkle them on your pages like fairy dust.

No need to be a tech wizard; it’s all about clicking, customizing, and creating something awesome. Plus, those templates? Chef’s kiss—they make sure you shine online without sweating over every pixel.

Adobe Color

Adobe Color is a super cool tool for anyone who wants to make their website look awesome. It lets you pick colors that go well together, so your site will really pop and catch people’s eyes.

You can even take a color from a picture and use it in your design. This is perfect when you’re trying to match colors or want something unique that no one else has.

Got an idea for some colors but not sure if they work well? No problem! Adobe Color helps you test them out before you decide. Plus, it makes sure the colors are easy for everyone to see, which is great because you want as many people as possible to enjoy your site.

Use these neat color themes in all sorts of projects – like pictures, logos, or just making your website feel more “you.”.


ScreenFlow is a cool tool for anyone making videos on their Mac. Think of it as your video swiss army knife; you can record, edit, and share videos without needing to be a pro. Say you’ve got an online store tutorial or a digital marketing strategy that you want to show off — this app has your back.

Let’s say you’re putting together some WordPress training for clients, right? Pop open ScreenFlow, capture your screen while you work through those steps. Chop up the footage, add some nice text or voiceover in there – bam! You’ve got yourself a professional-looking video ready to upload to YouTube or share on social media.

Plus, no worries if things get tricky; there are plenty of how-to guides out there to give you a hand.

Online Tools for Freelancers

Hey, you jet-setter freelancers out there — let’s talk virtual tool belts and digital lifesavers! No more drowning in endless tabs or wrestling with unruly spreadsheets; these online gems (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you Google Docs) are about to transform your freelancing game.

Imagine sailing through projects with Trello’s kanban boards and hitting ‘record’ on Loom for feedback that actually makes sense – pure gold! Trust me, it’s like having a personal assistant who doesn’t need a coffee break.

Intrigued? Keep reading to discover the clutch online tools that’ll make you the wizard of your freelance world. 🧙‍♂️✨.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a real lifesaver for freelancers and anyone starting their WordPress journey. Imagine this: you’re zipping through your content creation with all your ideas neatly typed up in one place.

It gets better – Google Docs lets you team up with others, so everyone’s on the same page. No more messy email chains! Just share that link, and boom – instant teamwork.

Now picture smoothly moving that hot-off-the-press content right to your WordPress site. Thanks to nifty tools that connect Google Docs to WordPress, updating your website with fresh info is like snapping your fingers – maybe even easier! Plus, it keeps everything safe in the cloud, which means less worry about losing important drafts if your computer decides to take an unexpected nap.

And who doesn’t love less worry?.


Trello‘s your go-to spot for keeping all your WordPress projects lined up just right. Picture a board with lists and cards where you can drop all the nitty-gritty details of what needs doing.

Drag and drop, baby – it’s that easy to stay on top! And hey, if you’re juggling more than one gig or working with a buddy, Trello lets everyone peek at what’s up and coming.

Now imagine hooking Trello up with Evernote. Bam! Your notes are now best friends with your tasks. And let’s be real – we’ve all got our unique way of ticking off that task list.

The cool thing here is that Trello adapts to how YOU work best. Keep those designs flowing and clients smiling without missing a beat – or a deadline!


Loom makes your life easier as a freelancer. Imagine hitting the record button and sharing what’s on your screen without a fuss. You can explain complex stuffreport bugs or walk someone through new WordPress themes—all with video.

It’s like having a chat face-to-face but way more convenient because you can do it any time.

Got something to teach? Create videos that help customers learn how to use their website. Loom is super handy for making tutorials or showing off cool code snippets. Plus, you get to save time by not repeating yourself—just send the video link, and clients can watch whenever they want!


Alright, let’s wrap this up! You’ve got a solid list of tools in your hands now. Think about how these can help you build and run your WordPress site. Will WP-CLI save you time? Can Yoast SEO make your content shine? Picture yourself using these to make a website that stands out.

Imagine the ease of designing with Canva or picking just the right colors with Adobe Color. Tools like these turn tough tasks into simple steps. And don’t forget online buddies like Google Docs – they’re lifesavers for staying organized!

Are you feeling ready to tackle that WordPress project yet? With these tools, you’ll be zooming ahead in no time. So why wait? Dive in, start building, and watch your site come alive! And remember – each tool is a stepping stone to making something great.

Go on, get started – your new website awaits!

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