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Quick And Easy Way To Unfollow A Facebook Page

Sometimes we follow too many pages on Facebook. We might want to clean up our news feed. Unfollowing a page means you won’t see its posts anymore, but the page doesn’t know you left.

You can do this from your phone or computer.

From your iPhone or Android, it’s simple! Tap three dots next to a post and hit “Unfollow.” Or go straight to the page, tap “Following,” and choose “Unfollow.” There is even a spot in settings called Feed Preferences where you can manage who you follow all at once.

If you’re using a PC, just move your mouse over “Following” on any Facebook page and click “Unfollow” that appears. And if there’s a page you don’t like anymore, click “Liked” under their cover photo and then pick “Unlike.”.

Everything stays quiet; nobody knows when they’ve been unfollowed or unliked by someone else.

It’s cool how much control we have without making waves. Ready for some peace in your feed? Let’s tidy up together!

How to Unfollow Facebook Pages from your phone

Got a cluttered news feed and an itchy unfollow finger? No worries—I’ve got you covered! With just a few taps on your trusty smartphone, whether you’re team iPhone or firmly in the Android camp, tidying up your Facebook world is easy-peasy.

Let’s dive right in and ditch those pages that don’t spark joy anymore! (Disclaimer: No digital pages were harmed in the making of this guide—only quietly unfollowed.).

From your news feed on iPhone or Android

Opening your Facebook app on an iPhone or Android is like stepping into a big, bustling city. Posts are buzzing by, and sometimes you stumble upon a page that just isn’t as fun as it used to be.

Good news! You can say “bye-bye” without any fuss. Just find a post from the page in your news feed and tap those three little dots at the top right of the post. A menu pops up, and with one more tap on “Unfollow,” you’re free – no longer will their posts crowd your daily scroll.

Think about how much cleaner your digital stroll will be now that you’ve let go of what doesn’t spark joy anymore. Easy peasy – out goes the old, making room for fresh content that makes scrolling through Facebook a delight again!

Directly from the page

Let’s say you’re scrolling through your Facebook and land on a page that doesn’t spark joy anymore. Easy fix! You just go to that page. Look for the buttons that say Like and Following up near the cover photo.

Give those a click, and a menu pops up. In there, you’ll find “unfollow this page.” Hit it, and boom – no more updates from them in your newsfeed.

Oh, and don’t worry about hurt feelings; they won’t get an alert that you’ve unfollowed them. Your secret is safe here. Now, your feed will have more room for stuff you actually like! Keep in mind, if later on you miss seeing what they post—no problem—you can always follow them again with just a few taps.

From the pages tab

So you’ve got a bunch of pages you don’t want to see in your news feed anymore? Easy fix! Just tap on the “Pages” tab in your Facebook app. Here, all the pages you follow will show up.

Find the one you’re done with and hit the button next to it. Boom, then tap “Following” and choose “Unfollow.” You won’t see their posts, but you can still check out their page whenever you feel like it.

No more clutter from pages that don’t spark joy, right? Unfollowing is a snap from this spot. And if ever change your mind or miss seeing what they post – no sweat – just go back to their page and follow them again.

Keep your social media fresh and fun by managing who gets space in your news feed!

From your feed preferences

Okay, let’s talk about how to clean up your Facebook newsfeed using feed preferences. Sometimes you just want a break from all the stuff on your page without hitting “unfollow everything.” You head to your profile icon and click it – that’s where you’ll find Settings and Privacy.

Inside there, look for “News Feed” under Preferences. This is like the control room for what you see when scrolling through Facebook.

Here’s a little secret: adjusting these settings can really change your day! Imagine not seeing things you don’t care about anymore. That means more time for awesome cat videos or updates from Harbour City if that’s what makes you happy.

Just tap away at those options and make Facebook fun again by keeping only the pages and friends that bring joy into your life.

How to Unfollow Facebook Pages on the web

Diving into the digital rabbit hole of Facebook on your trusty web browser, you’re just a few clicks away from decluttering that overcrowded news feed—let’s unchain ourselves from unwanted pages without any fuss and hey, who knows what fun post you’ll make room for next..

(Psst, keep scrolling for the simple know-how!).

From the pages tab on PC

Ok, let’s say you’re on your computer and want to stop following a Facebook page. First, find the “Pages” section on the left side of your screen. Click it, and you’ll see all the pages you’ve liked before.

Now, hunt for that one page you’re ready to say goodbye to. Found it? Great! Move your mouse over to their “Following” button—it’s usually right near their name.

Here comes the magic part: A menu drops down, and in there is an option that says “Unfollow.” Give that a click and boom—no more updates from that page in your news feed. You can do this as many times as needed if there are a bunch of pages clogging up your online space! Plus, with this super-quick way, unfollowing doesn’t mean unliking—you can still keep the ‘like’ but cut out the clutter from your feed.

Keep things fresh; sometimes less is more when it comes to user engagement on Facebook’s bustling platform!

From your news feed

Ever get tired of seeing posts you don’t care about in your Facebook news feed? No worries—you can unfollow pages easily. Just find a post from the page you’re done with, then look for those three little dots in the top-right corner.

Tap them and choose “Unfollow ” to clean up your feed. It’s like magic—suddenly, no more updates from that page!

Now let’s say you’re scrolling and spot something not so fun on your phone. If it’s from a page you followed before but aren’t into anymore, just do the quick tap-and-unfollow dance I mentioned above.

Your news feed will thank you! Keep this trick handy; it works whether you’re team iPhone or Android all the way.

How to Unfollow a Page You No Longer Like

Got a page clogging up your news feed that you’re not into anymore? No problem! It’s time to clean house. Just pull up the Facebook app on your phone and tap away. Find the page in your feed or use the search bar to get there quick.

Then, look for where it says “Liked” under the big photo at the top of their page.

Tap “Liked” and watch as options pop up – like magic! Right there, just hit “Unlike” and poof—the job’s done. You’ve cut ties with that page. Your feed will be free from stuff you don’t care about anymore.

And hey, if you change your mind later? Easy-peasy—you can always go back and hit “Like” again when it suits you. Keep tweaking things until your news feed feels just right!


So, you’ve learned how to unfollow a Facebook page. It’s super easy! Just tap those three dots and hit “Unfollow.” Or, press the “Liked” button again on any page you want to leave.

Did I mention you can do it from your news feed or directly on the page? Yes, it’s that simple. With these steps, clear up your feed in no time.

Remember, doing this won’t let friends know. They won’t see if you unfollow their pages either. So go ahead and make your Facebook experience just right for you!

Feeling better about your news feed now? I hope so! Try it out and enjoy scrolling through stuff you love.



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