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Navigating Facebook: Locating Friends’ Birthdays

Looking for when your friends have their birthdays on Facebook? It’s like a treasure hunt, but easier and with more cake at the end! Knowing your buddies’ special days lets you be the first to send them cool wishes.

On Facebook, you can peek at upcoming birthdays by clicking on ‘Events.’ Then hit the ‘Birthdays’ tab and boom—you’ve got a list!

On your computer, type and see all those birthday months light up. Or sneak over to someone’s profile, click ‘About,’ then check out their ‘Contact and Basic Info.’ Are you always on your phone instead? Tap that magnifying glass in the app or go to your friend’s profile about section.

But wait—what if you want to keep YOUR birthday under wraps? Easy-peasy! Just head over to your profile settings. You can pick who sees it or make it vanish from calendars. Not feeling all those notifications? Shut them off with one click in settings.

Remember that buddy whose day you NEVER want to miss? There’s a simple way—even without asking—to find out their birthday using Facebook tools like searching or tapping profiles.

Facebook helps make sure no cupcake is eaten alone! Stay tuned as we dig deeper into mastering these party-starting skills. Let’s get this celebration started!

How to Find Friends Birthdays on Facebook

Curiosity peaking and you’re itching to pencil in those birthday bashes on your calendar? Finding your friends’ birthdays on Facebook is a piece of cake, whether you’re glued to your computer or navigating the social maze from your phone.

Dive into the nifty corners of Facebook, where upcoming celebrations are waiting for you to discover – no party hats required.. yet!

On desktop website

Finding your friends’ birthdays on the Facebook desktop website is a breeze. Just head to the Events tab on your profile page, and you’ll see all those important dates lined up neatly by month.

It’s like having a birthday calendar without any of the work! If you’re in a hurry, type into your browser; bam—all upcoming birthdays pop right up.

Want to know the birth date of someone special? Easy peasy. Dive into their profile, click ‘About,’ then zoom over to ‘Contact and Basic Info.’ There it is—their birthday shining bright for you to remember.

And here’s a little secret: use that same Events tab and give the Birthdays option on the left side a quick tap—now you have all your Facebook pals’ upcoming celebrations at your fingertips! No more scrolling through news feeds or missing out on sending good vibes on their special day.

On mobile app

Let’s dive right into finding friends’ birthdays on your phone. If you have the Facebook app, just tap the search button and type in ‘birthdays.’ Look for the option with a cake icon—that’s where all your pals’ special days pop up! It’s super simple to make sure you never miss a chance to wish someone well.

Got an iPhone or iPad? Open up the Facebook app and hit their profile. Tap “About,” then “See All About.” Scroll until you see “Events;” that’s where their birthday will be hiding.

See? Piece of cake—birthday cake, that is! Just like that, you’re ready to shower your friends with love on their big day without ever leaving the app.

On mobile website

Oh, you’re on the go and need to check when your pal’s big day is? Easy-peasy if you’ve got your smartphone. Just pull up Facebook in your web browser. Tap on their profile, hit ‘About,’ then ‘Contact and Basic Info.’ Boom – there’s their birthday staring right back at ya! But wait, maybe today’s packed with celebrations? Hop over to the home tab, squint at that left sidebar, and those upcoming parties are all listed under Birthdays.

Say you landed right on a buddy’s page; look for “See [name]’s About Info” just below their smiley face picture. It’s like a secret door straight to the good stuff—birthday included! Or get this – wander into Events from your profile page; it’ll show who’s getting older soon.

Want only one person’s special date? Tap About again but this time dive into See All About down there at the bottom. Bam – mission accomplished! Got an Android phone or using another mobile device? No sweat — these tricks work across all sorts of smartphones.

So whether it’s juggling plans on social media or sending off a quick SMS text message wish, knowing where to find those birth dates keeps you in the loop without missing a beat.

How to Change or Hide Your Own Birthday on Facebook

Ever peeked at your Facebook timeline and wondered, “Do I really want everyone knowing when I’m another year wiser—or older?” Worry not! We’ll dive right into the nitty-gritty of tweaking those privacy settings so you can choose who gets to see your birthdate or if it’s a secret between you and that slice of birthday cake.

Whether you’re on desktop heaven or a mobile warrior, we’ve got the steps to keep your special day just as public or private as you fancy.

Changing birthday on desktop

So, you got the year wrong or just want a little more privacy? No problem. Changing your birthday on Facebook is like a piece of cake. First off, grab your computer and log in to your Facebook account.

Head over to your profile and find the About section—yep, that’s where all the magic happens.

Now click Contact and Basic Info. Here comes the fun part: scroll down until you see your birth date and birth year. See those little pencils or edit icons next to them? Give ’em a click! This lets you change your birthday to the right date—or any date if you’re feeling mysterious.

Don’t want everyone knowing when you were born? Easy fix; right there next to your updated birthday are dropdown menus for who can see it. Set it to friends, only me, or anything in between—it’s all about what makes you comfortable.

Remember (oh wait..scratch that), don’t forget—the changes save automatically so once you’ve picked the perfect date and privacy settings for “facebook birthdays”, go ahead and close that tab.

You’re done!

Changing birthday on mobile

Got a new phone and want to update your birthday on Facebook? No problem. Just tap the app icon on your screen. Once you’re in, look for three lines that might be at the bottom or top corner.

That’s where all the settings are hiding! Tap there, then find “Settings & Privacy.” You’ll see another menu—go ahead and hit “Settings.” Now scroll until you find “Personal Information”—that’s where birthdays live.

Need to make your big day private or share with only close friends? You’ve got this! In the same place where you change it, there’s an option for who sees it too. Choose from public, friends, only me—or even customize it further.

It’s like throwing a party and picking who gets an invite! Change as needed; keep everyone up-to-date without giving away too many details—it’s all about balance.

Hiding birthday on desktop

Okay, so you want to keep your birthday a secret on Facebook when using your computer. It’s easy! Just go to your profile and click the “About” section. Then find “Contact and Basic Info.” Look for the part that says “Birthday.” Hover over it, and an option to edit will show up.

Click that.

Now, here comes the cool part – you can decide who sees your birthday. Choose from options like ‘Public,’ ‘Friends,’ or even ‘Only Me’ if you don’t want anyone at all to know when you were born (sneaky, right?).

After picking who gets to see it, hit save changes. That’s it! Your birthday info is now a top-secret mission only for those you trust–or just for you!

Hiding birthday on mobile

You’ve decided you want a bit more privacy, and that’s totally cool. Let’s get your birthday off the radar on mobile. Easy—just tap “Settings and Privacy,” then hit up “See Your About Info” on your Facebook app.

Look for the Edit Basic Info screen, find where your birth date is chilling, and tap the Public/Friends button to switch it up. Want only a few eyes on it? Set who can see your birthday by adjusting those privacy settings right there.

Now maybe you’re thinking about taking it one step further—not just hiding but playing some hide-and-seek with that birth year of yours. You got this! Dive back into that Edit Basic Info page on the Facebook app.

With just a couple of taps, you can decide who gets to know how many candles are burning bright on that cake—or not at all. Keep it between close friends, or hey, keep it secret; make ’em guess!

Tips and Tricks for Navigating Birthdays on Facebook

Alright, let’s dive into the fun stuff – those nifty little hacks that’ll make you a Facebook birthday wizard in no time. Whether you’re looking to silence those relentless notifs or play detective and hunt down when your buddy’s special day is (without making it awkward), I’ve got you covered! Keep on reading for some sweet tips and tricks that’ll have you navigating birthdays like a pro..

How to turn off birthday notifications

You might not want your phone buzzing every time someone has a birthday. Good news, turning off these notifications on Facebook is pretty simple. If you’re using the app, just tap your profile picture at the top of the news feed.

Then scroll down until you see “Notifications” and give that a tap too. Look for “Birthdays” and switch it to off – done!

For those on a desktop computer, start by clicking the little arrow in the top right corner. This opens up some options—find “Settings & Privacy,” then click “Notifications.” Scroll down to “Birthdays.” See that? Click it, and flick off the ‘Allow’ option.

Peace at last! Now you won’t get nudged every time someone adds another candle to their cake!

Finding specific friend’s birthday

So, your buddy’s big day is coming up and you want to be ready with a sweet message or surprise. Don’t sweat it! Facebook makes it easy-peasy to find their birthday. Here’s the scoop: Jump onto your profile and hit the Friends tab.

Got a name in mind? Just type it into the search box, and bam—you’ve got their birth date right at your fingertips.

Oh, but hang on—maybe you’re not near a computer. No worries! Tap away on that smartphone of yours. Poke around their profile until you see “See [name]’s About Info” just under their photo and name tag.

Tap it and there’s the golden info—their birthday! Now go ahead, mark your calendar or set a reminder so you won’t miss out on wishing them when the day rolls in.

Using the Events tab

You’ve got this cool place on Facebook where all the birthday action happens. It’s called the Events tab, and it’s like a party waiting for you every day! Just hop onto your profile page, click on that tab, and bam – you’ll see a Birthdays link staring right back at you.

Give it a click, and you’re in birthday central!

Now let’s say you’re hanging out on your iPhone. Open up the Facebook app, tap “Events,” and select “Birthdays” from the list. Easy-peasy, right? All your pals’ birthdays are lined up ready to be celebrated.

No more missing out on wishing someone a happy day because with just a few taps, you can see who’s ready to blow out candles soon!

Checking friend’s contact and basic info

So, you want to peek at a buddy’s basic details on Facebook? Easy-peasy! Just head over to their profile. Look for the “About” section, then click on “Contact and Basic Info.” Here, you might see their birthday listed—like uncovering a hidden treasure!

Now let’s say you’re using the Facebook app; no sweat! Tap your own picture first. This gets you to your profile. From there, scoot over to your friend’s page. Once you’re looking at their info, it’s like having a little secret window into when they celebrate turning another year awesome.

Remember: some folks might choose not to share their birthday publicly (and that’s totally okay). If that’s the case, don’t expect to find those digits shining back at you in this part of town—or any part of Facebook Land for that matter!


Alright, let’s wrap this up! Finding birthdays on Facebook is super easy. You’ve got lots of ways to do it—on your computer or phone, through the Events tab, or by checking out friends’ profiles.

Real quick, you can change your birthday details too if you want some privacy. Got questions? Just search and tap around; you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Remember to turn those notifications off if they bug you.

Now go wish someone a “Happy Birthday” on Facebook!


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