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How To Stream The Super Bowl In 2024: Watch Live Without Cable!

Are you ready to catch the biggest football game of the year on February 11, 2024? The Super Bowl is a huge deal and you don’t want to miss out just because you don’t have cable. It’s going down at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, at 6:30 PM ET.

CBS will air it live but hold on – there’s a way for everyone with internet to join in! You can watch Usher rock the halftime show or see Reba McEntire sing her heart out before the game through streaming services like Paramount++, which has a week-long free trial.

Imagine watching those virtual-reality graphics on Nickelodeon without paying a dime using Philo’s trial too!

If cables are not your thing, grab a digital TV antenna and tune into local channels like CBS for zero cost. Want to take the game wherever you go? No problem; mobile apps got your back! Grab your phone or tablet and stream away using platforms like Fubo TV or Hulu Live TV.

This year we’ve got teams like the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers making big plays—don’t miss any action! And if by chance you’re feeling fancy, tickets start at $8,533—but who needs seats when you’ve got streaming right?

Get set as this guide shows all about how anyone can get in on the Super Bowl fun without traditional cable hookups. There’s so much more than just watching – so let’s kick off!

How to Watch the 2024 Super Bowl

Ready to catch all the touchdown action and not miss a single play of Super Bowl LVIII? Whether you’re rallying for the Kansas City Chiefs or siding with the San Francisco 49ers, I’ve got the scoop on how to stream every thrilling moment live—even if you’ve said goodbye to cable.

So grab your favorite game-day snacks and let’s dive into how you can be part of the gridiron excitement from anywhere!

Date, time, and location

Super Bowl LVIII is calling all football fans to Allegiant Stadium! Mark your calendars – this giant event kicks off at 6:30 PM ET on February 11, right in the heart of Las Vegas.

Imagine sitting in the stands or cozying up at home as the crowd’s roar echoes through Paradise, Nevada. Big plays, huge tackles, and maybe even a clutch Lombardi Trophy-winning moment will unfold before your eyes.

Getting there is easy—Allegiant Stadium sits just off the famous Strip. Whether you’re flying into town or already a local, you’ll find yourself part of an electric atmosphere where NFL legends are made.

It’s more than just a game; it’s history happening live under those bright Vegas lights!

TV channel (CBS, Nickelodeon)

You don’t want to miss the big game, so mark your calendar because CBS is where it’s all happening. They’ll show every play, every tackle, and the moment someone lifts that shiny Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Now hold up—if you’ve got kids or just love slime and fun graphics—Nickelodeon‘s got a special version of the NFL Championship Game. Picture this: football combined with all those famous Nickelodeon stars.

It’s like adding a dash of sugar to your sports!

Got Paramount++? Great! You can stream the Super Bowl right there too. Sit back, chill on your couch, and watch history being made on any device—smart TVsdesktops.. even mobile hotspots if you’re out adventuring.

Whether cheering for teams like the Baltimore Ravens or Detroit Lions—or just there for halftime with stars like Reba McEntire and Post Malone—it’s easy-peasy to dive into all that excitement live without needing cable at all!

Streaming options (Paramount+, Philo)

So, you want to catch the Super Bowl but don’t have cable? No sweat! Streaming services like Paramount++ and Philo have got your back.


  • First up, Paramount+. This service will let you watch the game live as it happens. Here’s why it’s a sweet deal:
  • Paramount+ streams CBS Sports, so you can see every play of the Super Bowl.
  • Don’t worry about signing up right away — they offer a 7 – day free trial for new subscribers. That means you could watch the game without paying a penny if you time it right.
  • Got a bunch of devices? Paramount+ works on many, like phones, tablets, and all-in-one PCs. You won’t miss a moment no matter where you are.
  • Next, we’ve got Philo. It’s another cool option for streaming live TV:
  • Think bigger than just football; Philo gives access to Nickelodeon too. Imagine watching the game with fun graphics and effects!
  • They also roll out the red carpet with a 7 – day free trial for new subscribers.
  • Philo isn’t just about sports. You get a whole bunch of TV channels to flip through.


How to Watch Without Cable

3. How to Watch Without Cable:.

So, you’ve cut the cord, waved goodbye to those hefty cable bills, and now the Super Bowl’s rolling around.. panic not! You don’t need that pricey cable subscription to catch all the action live—trust me, we’ve got some nifty tricks up our sleeve for this digital age dilemma.

Let’s dive into hassle-free ways you can stream every touchdown and tackle without being tethered to traditional TV—because who likes feeling stuck in the past?.

Using a digital antenna

So, you want to catch the Super Bowl but don’t have cable? No sweat! A digital antenna is your best buddy here. You’d be surprised; these little gadgets are powerhouses that pick up local channels like CBS for free.

That means not a dime spent on watching every touchdown live. And guess what? If you’ve got kids around begging for something fun to watch, hook up the antenna and tune in to Nickelodeon.

They jazz up the game with cool graphics and their famous stars—it’s a blast!

Now, setting one up is easy peasy—plug it into your TV, scan for channels, and boom—you’re in business! Just make sure to check the signal in your area first (you can look this up online).

Some places get better reception than others—but hey, fingers crossed you hit the jackpot with crystal-clear views of every play. Don’t miss out on those awesome halftime show moments because of no cable; an antenna’s got your back!

Streaming on mobile devices

Want to catch the Super Bowl action on your phone? No sweat! Paramount++ hooks you up with a 7-day free trial, just in time for the big game. Just grab your smartphone and download the CBS Sports app or any of these – Fubo TVSling TVYouTube TVHulu – they all have mobile apps that stream live sports.

Imagine watching those touchdowns from anywhere – now that’s what I call freedom!

And hey, if you’re always on-the-go like me, this is perfect. These apps make sure you won’t miss a single play no matter where you are. So grab some snacks and get comfy – with your phone by your side, every spot can be the best seat in-house for Super Bowl 2024!

Performances and Ticket Information

4. Performances and Ticket Information: Now, if you’re anything like me and get just as hyped for the halftime show as you do the big game (I mean, who doesn’t love a little razzle-dazzle between touchdowns?), you’ll want the deets on this year’s headliner – trust me, it’s going to be epic.

And hey, while we’re talking about getting up close with all the action, let’s not forget those golden tickets — I’ve got some insider info on how to snag your spot in the stands without breaking the bank!

Halftime show

Get ready to dance! Usher will light up the stage at the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII halftime show. It’s going to be epic—you won’t want to miss a beat. Picture this: dazzling lights, killer beats, and moves that’ll have your living room turning into a dance floor.

And guess what? You can catch all this live without needing cable. Just hop onto any supported device with internet access, find CBS or Paramount+, and boom – you’re in for an unforgettable performance by Usher.

Imagine sharing those cool halftime moments in real-time with friends online! Cool, right? Keep your eyes peeled on social media too; fans will definitely be buzzing about every moment as it happens.

National anthem performer

Reba McEntire will bring her country charm to the stage, ready to sing our national anthem with pride and power. Her voice is set to fill the stadium, striking a patriotic chord across millions of hearts.

And if that’s not enough, rapper Post Malone is going all in on “America the Beautiful.” His unique style adds an unexpected twist that you won’t want to miss. Plus, for an extra touch of soul, Andra Day will grace us with “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” promising a performance as moving as it gets.

These stars are sure to kick off the game with unforgettable energy – so be sure your speakers are turned up!

Ticket prices

You’re probably thinking about the moolah it’s gonna take to get you to those coveted stadium seats for the Super Bowl 2024, right? Well, let’s just dive into those numbers and see what we’re dealing with. Hold onto your wallets, folks—it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


Seat Category Starting Price
Nosebleed Seats $8,533
Mid-Level Contact for pricing
Lower Level Contact for pricing
VIP Packages Contact for pricing
Luxury Suites Contact for pricing


Just a heads up, these starting prices are for the seats where you’re basically in the stratosphere—yeah, the ones where players look like ants. But hey, you’re in the building, right? And remember, prices will vary depending on how fancy-pants you wanna get with your Super Bowl experience. For those looking to splurge, options range all the way up to luxury suites, where you might just have to sell your soul… or maybe just a small island you own. No biggie.


So, you’re ready to catch the 2024 Super Bowl live without cable? Awesome! Remember, it’s all happening on February 11 at Allegiant StadiumCBS and Nickelodeon are your go-to TV spots.

Paramount+ lets you stream on lots of devices – even if you’re just using a phone. Love halftime shows? Usher’s got that covered this time.

And don’t forget, digital antennas and streaming services like Philo bring the game to you too. Let’s make this Super Bowl one we’ll talk about for years!

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