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How To Make A Meme (Plus Top 9 Meme Generators)

Have you ever seen a picture online that made you laugh out loud? That’s probably a meme, and guess what? You can make your own! Memes are fun images with text that share jokes. People use meme generators to create these cool pictures.

These tools help you pick an image, add your joke, and show your friends.

A meme generator is like a magic box for making funny photos. It lets anyone become a joke maker without needing to be an artist or computer expert. Plus, using one is super easy—it helps you put words on photos in just minutes!

You might want to save time or find the perfect picture fast—meme generators do both things well. Some popular ones are Imgflip and Canva—they even let you work with gifs and videos! Others have unique treats: Adobe Sensei uses smart tech to choose pictures for you.

Choosing the right tool depends on what you like best. Do watermarks bother you? InPixio won’t put them on your memes! Do lots of choices make things more fun? Kapwing has thousands of templates!

Memes aren’t just about quick laughs anymore; they’re big deals online. And now, artificial intelligence (AI) gets creative too; it can understand images and suggest cool ideas.

Ready to join in the fun? We will look at all sorts of ways to make memes—from simple tools to fancy AI—and see which fits your style best! Let us start exploring how easy creating laughter can be!

What is a Meme Generator?

A meme generator? Oh, think of it as your digital comic sidekick, swooping in to help turn your wildest, wackiest ideas into viral sensations with just a few clicks. Imagine a toolbox where punchlines meet pictures—no heavy lifting required, just pure meme magic at your fingertips!

Definition and purpose

Meme generators are like magic wands for the Internet. They let you take a picture and put your own words on it to make something funny or interesting that others will want to share.

These tools are super handy because they save time and make creating memes a breeze, no matter if you’re on your phone or computer. People use them all over social media – think Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – to get laughs, make points, or even market products in cool ways.

Having one of these meme machines at your fingertips means you can express yourself in fun new styles without being an expert in photo editing. Just imagine having an idea pop into your head and turning it into a meme that can spread like wildfire across the web! It’s all about being creative and connecting with folks out there who enjoy a good chuckle or nodding along because they totally get what you’re saying.

And bonus: when it comes to business, memes aren’t just about goofing off —they’re also great for catching eyes and giving brands their own voice online. Customizing memes helps brands show off their playful side and stand out from the crowd.

Everyone loves stumbling upon something that feels made just for them while scrolling through their feeds!

Benefits of using a meme generator

Making memes with a meme generator is like having a magic wand for jokes. You just click, create, and boom – out pops your very own meme! It’s super fast and works on phones too, so you can make people laugh no matter where you are.

Imagine you see something hilarious online; take that picture, throw it into the meme creator, add your funny words, and share the smiles.

Got a birthday or want to cheer up a friend? Customize that perfect joke just for them using thousands of templates ready to go in the app. Plus, they’re free! And if you need inspiration, there’s always a huge collection of photos and gifs at your fingertips.

Use these tools to make content that really stands out – this is how stuff goes viral!

Now let’s talk about being unique on social media. Memes aren’t just about laughs; they get people talking and sharing. They say pictures speak louder than words – mix that with some humor and watch as your posts catch eyes like never before! This isn’t just fun; it’s smart for anyone looking to shine online – from TikTok to LinkedIn.

How to Make a Meme

Ever stumbled upon a meme and thought, “Hey, I could totally make one of those!”? Well, you’re in luck! Making a meme is like whipping up your favorite sandwich – easy peasy once you know what goes into it.

Let’s dive right in and get those creative juices flowing – no artistic degree required; just bring your sense of humor to the table!

Choose a meme generator

Picking the right meme generator is like finding your favorite flavor of ice cream — it just makes everything better! You’ve got some awesome choices, like Meme GeneratorAdobe Express, or Mematic.

These apps are super easy on your phone and packed with cool templates to start with or space for you to get creative from scratch.

Go ahead and dive into Mematic if you’re all about adding funny captions to photos and videos — hey, over 10 million people downloaded it, so they must be onto something good. Or maybe Adobe Express is more your jam; it’s free and perfect for making memes fast.

With Meme Maker Pro, unleash millions of design combos on graphics and video layouts for that chef’s kiss touch to your meme masterpiece. Whatever you choose, get ready to make folks laugh!

Upload or select an image

Making a meme starts with the perfect image. You can use your own photo or find one that’s already got laughs baked in. Most meme generators have tons of pictures to choose from—funny animalsfamous faces, and more.

Just hit the ‘Upload’ button if you’ve got an awesome picture ready on your device. Or click through the images offered by the app until you spot one that’s just right for your joke.

Customizing is key! So after you grab that image, it’s time to make it yours. Whether you’re using Adobe Express or another cool meme generator, they all let you drag and drop your choice into place.

And hey, if you decide halfway through that another pic fits better, no problem—you can switch it out in seconds! Flexibility means more fun as you create memes sure to get likes rolling in on social media.

Remember, whatever image tickles your fancy should match up with what makes folks chuckle today—and helps them forget about yesterday’s news for a minute or two. Keep things fresh and funny; nothing beats seeing lots of shares and comments when people love the meme magic you’ve made!

Add text and customize

Okay, so you’ve picked a meme generator and got your image ready. Now it’s time to make that meme pop with some words! Most meme makers let you type in whatever text you want right on top of your picture.

You can move the words around, make them bigger or smaller, and even change the color. And guess what? It’s not just about picking a funny phrase; how you style those words matters too.

You might have seen memes with big bold letters at the top and bottom of an image—that’s classic meme style. But hey, feel free to get creative here! Apps like Meme Maker Pro give you all sorts of stickers and design bits to play with.

This is where your meme gets its personality, so add in-jokes, pick fonts that fit the mood, or throw in something totally unexpected. Just keep tweaking until it looks just right.

Once it’s perfect, save that masterpiece! Hit download or save on your app or website—like Adobe Express—and boom: Your custom piece of internet comedy is ready to go viral on any social media platform or chat app out there.

Share it everywhere – Instagram stories await this kind of gold content!

Now go forth and spread laughter across feeds far and wide with your brand-new creation!

Save and share your meme

So, you’ve made a hilarious meme. Great job! Now it’s time to let others enjoy your masterpiece. Just hit the “save” button on your meme maker app, and that funny picture is ready to live on your phone or computer.

You can save it in different image formats like JPEG or PNG.

Next up – sharing! Spread the laughter on social media platforms, send through WhatsApp to friends, or even upload it to Reddit for the whole world to see. If you think your meme has got what it takes to go viral, share away! With apps like Adobe Express and its easy download option for iOS and Android devices, showing off your new creation is just a few taps away.

Go ahead—make that meme fly across the internet!

Top 9 Meme Generators

Ready to dive into the meme-making magic? Hold on tight, ’cause we’re about to unleash the top 9 meme generators that’ll turn your chuckles into full-blown belly laughs – keep reading and let’s get those creative juices flowing!


Imgflip makes creating memes a breeze. It’s one of those meme generators everyone loves because it’s super quick and works great on phones, too. You just pick a picture, slap on some funny words, and boom – you’ve got yourself a meme! Plus, the steps are easy to follow; no need to be a computer genius or anything.

Now let’s talk about how cool Imgflip really is. Its tools are simple but powerful – they help you say what you want without any fuss. Whether you’re looking to share a laugh with friends or aiming for your next post to go viral, this place has your back.

Making memes here feels like playing a fun game that could make you Internet famous overnight!

You can trust Imgflip to give your creativity that extra push. This generator doesn’t just help you make something funny – it helps get your masterpiece out there in the world of social media marketing.

With Imgflip, all those likes and shares are just around the corner!


Canva makes meme magic easy and fun. You don’t need to be a design pro to whip up something hilarious for your friends or followers. With its free meme maker, Canva gives you access to hundreds of templates that help kickstart your creativity.

Just find one that tickles your fancy, drop in some joke-worthy text, and boom—you’ve got yourself a custom-made laugh.

This online tool is super simple to use too; no confusing buttons or techy stuff. It’s perfect for bringing life to those funny thoughts we all have sometimes. And since Canva is always in the mix with top meme generators, you can bet it’s stacked with fresh options—think image memes, gif memes, even video memes! So go ahead, give Canva a spin and get ready for the likes and shares to roll in on social media.

Whether it’s just for giggles or if you’ve got an eye on going viral, Canva has covered all bases. Your brand identity shines through when you customize these templates because let’s face it – everyone loves a touch of personal flair! Take advantage of this memeing powerhouse; create something unforgettable then save it right from there.

Share on your fave platforms like Instagram or Facebook instantly – spreading joy has never been so straightforward!


Adobe is like a super-smart friend for making memes. It knows how to spot what’s in a picture and can even grab words right out of it. This AI tool makes things way easier for anyone wanting to create something funny or cool for social media or just to share with friends.

With Adobe, you don’t have to be a pro; it helps you design fast and doesn’t let the tech stuff get in the way.

This meme maker stands out because it uses fancy technology that other apps might not have. Think about all the times you wanted to make someone laugh with a meme but didn’t know where to start – well, Adobe Sensei’s got your back! It’s packed with power that lets your creativity fly, without making your brain hurt from trying too hard.

So go ahead, pick an image file, add some hilarious text, and boom – you’ve made an awesome meme that could totally go viral!


Quickmeme stands out as a favorite for folks itching to make memes. It’s like a fun playground where you can pick from tons of cool pictures to slap your hilarious words onto. And guess what? You won’t need to pay a dime; it’s totally free! This place isn’t just about making you laugh, though—it’s also where meme lovers meet up, sort of like an online club.

You’ll find getting the hang of Quickmeme is super easy. Just grab one of their template images or upload your own snap, type in your joke, and boom—you’ve made something that could be the next big internet hit.

Sharing is smooth too; with a few clicks, friends or even strangers all over the world can enjoy your creation on social media apps.


Kapwing sets the bar high as a meme generator, making it super easy to create your own memes. With thousands of templates ready to go, you can pick one that tickles your fancy or upload an image to start from scratch.

It’s a hit with creators, teachers, and business folks because it gives them the power to craft and change up memes and videos online.

Making custom memes on Kapwing is pretty straightforward – just add your text and tweak it until it’s perfect. You don’t need any fancy software or skills; their tools are simple enough for anyone to use.

Plus, this isn’t just for pictures; if you’re wondering how to make a video meme, Kapwing has got you covered there too.

Since its early days as just a meme maker, Kapwing has grown like crazy! They’ve grabbed $11 million in funding by helping people unleash their creativity without breaking the bank (or their brains).

This platform proves that whether you’re on an iPhone or sitting at your desktop, everyone can join in on the meme-making fun—and possibly even watch those memes catch fire across the internet!

Meme Buddy

Meme Buddy jumps in as your fun-loving sidekick for making memes that could go big online. It’s on the list of top meme generators and it stands out ’cause it makes the job super simple.

Just think, in a few clicks, you could create something hilarious or totally “wow” using this app.

Don’t stress if you’re not a pro at this yet – Meme Buddy is friendly for beginners too! You pick an image, slap on some catchy text, and then boom – you’ve got yourself a meme to share with friends or even see spread across the internet.

Sharing laughs has never been easier; save your creation and send it into the world of social media!

Guess what else? Meme Buddy isn’t just about static pictures — GIFs and video memes are also its game. So whether you’re looking to make folks chuckle with a quick snapshot joke or get them giggling with a funny clip, this generator has your back.

The only limit is what tickles your funny bone!


So, you’re looking to make a meme and want something easy but awesome? InPixio has got your back. It’s one of the top dogs for cooking up fresh memes that can go viral. With InPixio, you don’t even have to worry about signing up or logging in – just jump straight into the fun.

They’ve got cool built-in templates ready for your text and images.

Imagine slapping your words onto a pic and having it look like a pro did it – thats what InPixio’s AI photo editing magic is all about. And when you’re done creating, sharing on social media is super simple.

Plus, no annoying watermarks on your meme means it’s clean and ready to spread across the internet! Meme Generator

Making memes is super fun with Meme Generator. You just find a picture you like, slap on some hilarious text, and boom—you’ve got yourself a meme! This tool is totally free and really easy to use.

Plus, it’s friendly for phones and computers, so you can make memes anytime, anywhere.

You won’t believe how fast you can create your own custom memes with this app. Just upload an image or pick from over 10 cool templates that are ready to go. Add some clever words with the meme face text feature and get ready to share your creation with all your friends! Trust me; everyone will think you’re a meme-making wizard when using Meme Generator.


Flexclip lights up the meme world with its super easy meme generator. You just hop on their website, and bam—you’re set to create some seriously funny stuff. They’ve got everything you need: a fat library of images and templates that let you make your memes stand out.

It’s all about having fun without sweating the small stuff, like spending forever trying to figure it out.

So, imagine you want to share a laugh on your iPhone or any phone really, Flexclip has got you covered. Their AI helps pick cool images so you can focus on crafting those cheeky texts for your meme.

And if you’re thinking big, go grab their Plus plan. Then boom! You’re making high-quality memes that can roll up to 10 minutes in full HD glory.

Okay, look at it this way—Flexclip isn’t just playing around; they mean business in the best possible way for us who wanna keep things light and merry-making memes. No credit card dramas either because getting started is free as a bird! Go ahead and give life to those wild ideas buzzing in your head with Flexclip’s tools at the ready.

AI Meme Makers

Let’s talk AI, shall we? The world of meme-making has gotten a sweet upgrade with these brainy bots! They’re like your quirky sidekick in the quest for viral glory—AI meme makers are changing the game by churning out rib-ticklers that have you asking, “How’d it know that was funny?” Dive into this cyber chuckle-factory and compare who’s bringing the biggest laughs to your screens.

Explanation of AI meme makers

AI meme makers are like smart robots that help you create funny pictures with text. They make it easy to put together memes without needing lots of skills in editing photos or coming up with ideas.

These tools can pick the right image and figure out where the words should go, all by themselves! This means turning your fun thoughts into a meme is super quick.

Imagine having a buddy who knows loads about how to make people laugh with just a picture and some words—that’s what an AI meme maker does. It uses cool tech stuff—like understanding language and knowing tons about images—to craft memes that might spread like wildfire on the internet.

Each AI tool has its own special tricks for making stand-out memes in no time flat.

Comparison of 5 AI meme makers

Alright folks, let’s dive into the world of AI meme makers – because who doesn’t want to create the next viral sensation with a little help from our robot friends? They say laughter is the best medicine, and these AI-powered wizards are doling out doses in meme format.


AI Meme Maker Key Features Free Access User-Friendliness Customizability
ImgFlip Vast selection of templates; caption tool Yes, with watermark Super easy – like, my grandma could do it You bet! Fonts, colors, you name it AI-driven meme suggestions; fresh content Limited free use Smooth sailing for meme enthusiasts Some, but the AI’s wit is the main dish
Canva Designer tools; quality graphics Mostly, with premium upgrades Intuitive as heck, like a dream Oh, sky’s the limit!
Memecrunch AI-generated text; fresh laughs Yep, totally gratis Child’s play – literally, kids could manage Pretty good, but it leans on the AI
Kapwing Collaborative editing; sleek interface Yes, but with a Kapwing watermark Smooth as butter Mix it up – add your flair!


There you have it – the skinny on AI meme generators that’ll keep you and your friends chuckling. Whether you’re after a quick laugh or a custom masterpiece, these tools have got your back. Start playing around and let the memes begin!

Which Meme Generator is Right for You?

Feeling a bit like Goldilocks trying to find that just-right bed? Well, sift through the meme-making haystack with me and let’s pinpoint that perfect meme generator that’ll have you spewing out viral wonders faster than you can say “LOL.” It’s all about sniffing out the one with features that fit your style like a glove—whether you’re after easy-peasy simplicity or more bells and whistles than a Christmas parade.

Factors to consider

Picking the right meme generator is like finding your favorite ice cream flavor – you’ve got to try a few before you know what hits the spot. Think about how easy it is to use; some apps are so simple, you’ll be making memes in seconds! Adobe Express hooks you up with tons of free templates, while Mematic wins fans with its super user-friendly style.

You also want something that works fast on your phone. Apps like Fun Facts with Squidward and Distracted Boyfriend get your jokes out quick, without any hang-ups. Don’t forget about variety either – Chandler Album Meme Maker lets you whip up all sorts of memes so your posts never get dull.

If graphic design is more your jam, check out Meme Maker Pro for both top-notch memes and slick designs.

Best features of each generator

Imgflip shines with its speed; you can make memes fast and laugh even faster. It’s mobile-friendly so you can create top laughs on the go. Canva lets your creativity burst with cool designs, thanks to tons of free templates that help your memes stand out.

Adobe Sensei packs a punch for those who love quality; it uses smart tech to make your meme just right.

Quickmeme keeps things super simple—you pick a picture, slap on some text, and boom—you’ve got yourself a meme! Kapwing is like the swiss army knife of meme makers; it lets you edit videos too so that you can up your meme game big time.

Meme Buddy listens to your voice commands—just say what you want, and watch as it makes a killer meme without needing a single click.

InPixio gives power to the perfectionists—it has tools that let them tweak their memes until they’re pixel-perfect. Meme Generator invites anyone; no sign-up needed—jump in and get memeing in seconds flat.

Flexclip helps storytellers shine by turning longer video clips into epic memes that could trend hard online.

Lastly, Crello is designed for ease—a drag-and-drop interface means making an eye-catching meme is as easy as pie! Each generator brings something special—whether it’s speed, design freedom or advanced features—for every kind of memer out there ready to make the next viral sensation.

Comparison to help you choose

So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect meme generator, huh? It’s a wild web out there, but fear not, I’ve got your back. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of some top contenders and find the one that’ll have you cranking out memes in no time flat.


Meme Generator Ease of Use Features Speed Mobile-Friendly
Meme Maker Pro Intuitive Basic & Advanced Tools Fast Yes
Adobe Express Moderate Professional-grade Features Varies Yes
Mematic User-friendly Large Image Collection Quick Yes
Reddit’s Open Source For Tech-savvy Users Design Capabilities Depends on User Skill Varies


Let’s look a bit closer… Meme Maker Pro is the “get in, get out” type – fast and friendly, perfect for those who want to whip up a meme and dash. Adobe Express, on the other hand, is like the Swiss Army knife of meme generators; it’s got all the tools, but you’ll need a minute to find the corkscrew.

Mematic plays it cool, offering a chill user experience and a vast image library that’s just begging for captions. A crowd favorite for sure. Now, Reddit’s open source option… that’s for the brave souls who like to tinker and tweak. It’s not for everyone, but if that’s your jam, you’ll feel right at home.

And there you have it – just a taste, but enough to get those meme-making juices flowing. Remember, the right tool is out there; you’ve just got to find your match. Happy memeing, folks!


Memes are everywhere, and now you know how to make your own! Just pick a meme generator that fits what you need. Add fun images and text to say what’s on your mind. Share your creation online and maybe it’ll go viral.

Think about which features matter most to you when choosing a generator. Are easy steps and cool options important? Go ahead, get creative, make people laugh with your very own memes!

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