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How Can I Make My Facebook Post Shareable?

Have you ever wanted your Facebook friends to share your posts with others? Making a post shareable is about letting anyone see and pass it on. This can help more people enjoy what you’re saying or showing.

Let’s say you want to spread the word about a yard sale or share a funny picture—you’ll need to make your post public first.

To do this, just change some settings when you write the post or go back and edit an old one. It works on phones, tablets, and computers! If you set things up right, in places like Facebook Pages or groups where sharing is allowed, anyone can re-share your stuff.

This could make something you posted get seen by lots of people really fast!

When we talk about all this in our article, we will look at easy ways to adjust these settings so more eyes land on what you have shared online. We’ll also touch on why it’s good that folks can pass along your posts—it gets them out there for even more people to see! Get ready to learn how easy it is for everyone to join in on the fun with your Facebook content! Keep reading for some helpful tips.

Making a Post Shareable on Facebook

Ever stumbled upon a Facebook post that you just had to share, but the share button was nowhere in sight? Frustrating, right? Well, if you don’t want your friends—or the world— to miss out on your posts (be it that selfie with the epic background or your two cents on today’s hot topic), I’ve got some tips to help make sure your content is ready for sharing.

Let’s unlock those privacy settings and get your voice out there!

Accessing Visibility Settings

To make your Facebook post shareable, first you’ve got to check who can see it. Look for a little icon near the post – that’s where you’ll find out if it’s private or not. It could look like a tiny globe if it’s public or maybe some silhouetted people if it’s just for friends.

Now, let’s say you want everyone to enjoy your latest cat video or life update. You’ll need to switch over to ‘public’ so anyone can share the joy.

If that icon isn’t there, no sweat—that means your post is already set for everyone to see and share! But hey, what about when you change your mind about an old post? Easy-peasy—just go back to that post and poke around for the “Edit Privacy” option in the menu.

Give it a tap and choose ‘public.’ Bam! Now more folks can pass around that hilarious throwback Thursday picture from last year.

Changing Settings to Public

Alright, you’ve got a post and you’re ready to let everyone see it. Here’s what to do: Go find that cool thing you posted and click on “Edit Privacy.” See where it says who can see your post? You’ll want to change that.

Choose “Public” from the list, and boom – now anyone on Facebook can check out your post! By doing this, friends – and even folks who aren’t your buddies yet – can share your stuff with more people.

This is perfect for when you have something awesome like a garage sale announcement or a super cute cat video that just has to be seen by the world!

Editing an Existing Post

Got an old post you want to share with everyone? No problem. First, find that post on your Facebook page. Look for the little dots in the corner and tap them. A menu will pop up—choose “Edit audience” from there.

Now, here comes the magic part: change that setting to “Public.” Boom! Just like that, anyone can see it and hit share.

Maybe you’re scrolling through your memories and spot a gem. You think, hey, my friends should see this too! Dive into that post, click those three dots and pick “Edit Privacy.” Select ‘Public,’ save it, and you’re good to go! Your awesome memory is ready for new eyes—and lots of likes!

Allowing Sharing on Mobile Devices

To make your Facebook post shareable on your phone, start by opening the app. Look for the three dots in the top right corner of your post. Tap them and choose “Edit Privacy.” Set it to “Public” and anyone can share it now.

Even if you made the post a while ago, you can still change this setting.

Guess what? You can also share posts from public groups straight to your page using the Facebook app on mobile devices. That’s super handy if you manage a Facebook Page and want to keep things buzzing with fresh content from different groups! Just find a cool post in a public group, hit ‘share,’ pick your Page, and boom—you’ve got new stuff for people to see and interact with.

Benefits of Making Your Post Shareable

Making your Facebook post shareable is like throwing a pebble into a social media pond – waves of engagement ripple out, bringing more eyeballs and interaction to your content; keep reading to see how this simple action can be a game-changer for your online presence.

Increased Reach

Sharing your post for everyone to see can really get it out there. Think of it like tossing a pebble into a pond – the ripples just keep spreading and reaching further away from where you started.

When you make a Facebook post shareable, more people could stumble across it, even folks who aren’t on your friends list! This means that someone who never heard of you before might see what you’ve posted.

That’s not all – posts that are shared lots can start popping up in news feeds like crazy. It’s all thanks to how Facebook works; the more likes and shares you get, the further your message goes.

So if going viral is something that sounds cool to you, sharing is key! Just by changing those little settings, your words or pictures could travel much farther than just among your own circle of friends.

Promoting Engagement

Making your post shareable isn’t just about spreading the word; it boosts how people interact with your content. Imagine your Facebook posts sparking conversations—friends tagging each other, sharing their thoughts, and keeping the chat going.

That’s engagement gold right there! It turns a simple post into a buzzing hive of activity. You’re not just posting; you’re creating a space for folks to meet and talk.

Picture this: someone finds your post fun or useful and hits share. Their friends see it, love it, and share it too. Your message is now traveling far and wide like ripples across a pond! More eyes on your stuff can help grow that home-based craft business or get more laughs on that hilarious cat video you found.

And hey, who doesn’t want to be the reason people smile at their screens?.

Expanding Your Audience

So you’ve got this super cool post, right? You want everyone to see it—not just your friends. That’s where making your Facebook post shareable comes in handy. Think about it like opening the doors to a party and saying “Hey, everybody’s welcome!” Once you switch that setting to public, boom—you’re giving people the green light to send your stuff all over Facebook land.

Now imagine your post is a little paper boat you set free in a big ocean. It can now float from friend to friend and even reach folks you don’t know yet. That means more eyes on what you have to say or show! And let’s be real: who doesn’t love getting their stuff seen by tons of people? It’s how cat videos go viral—because everyone shares them with anyone they can think of! So crank up that visibility and let the sharing spree begin; before long, you could be reaching way more peeps than just your crew.

Making a Post Shareable on Different Facebook Platforms

Whether you’re a social media maven with your eyes set on virality or a small business owner looking to cast a wider net, mastering the art of shareability across various Facebook platforms is essential.

It’s not just about hitting “post” and hoping for the best—each platform has its quirks, from Pages to Groups to Marketplace, and knowing how to navigate these can propel your content far beyond just your immediate circle..

Stick around as we dive into making that happen!

On a Facebook Page

If you run a Facebook Page, making posts shareable is a smart move. It’s like opening your door so more people can come into your party! Here’s how to get the word out there. First up, go to your post and look for that little world icon – that’s where the magic happens.

Click on it and switch the setting to “Public.” Voila! Now anyone and everyone can pass your post along to their friends.

Got an amazing post from last week that needs some love? No problem at all. You can still change it to “Public” by hitting the edit button on the top right of the post. Think about this: when more eyes see what you’re sharing, that means more likes, comments, and yes..

shares! So let those posts fly free – who knows how far they’ll travel?.

In a Public Group

In a public group on Facebook, sharing is easy peasy. Posts made by members are set up to be shareable right from the get-go. So, say you find something cool or helpful in a group—go ahead and hit that share button! You can spread it to your own timeline, a friend’s page, or even another group you’re part of.

Here’s a neat trick: Want to share that engaging post on your Facebook Page? No sweat! Whether you’re chilling with your laptop or using the Facebook app on your phone, you’ve got the power to do just that.

And hey, doing this is like giving a high-five to someone’s content—it gets more eyes on it and shows some love for their contribution. Keep those shares coming!

In a Closed Group

Making your post shareable in a closed group is tricky. The privacy settings of the group control who sees what. So, even if you make your post “public,” only folks inside the group can spread it around.

It’s like having a secret recipe—you can tell people at the dinner table, but they can’t take it outside the house.

To get around this, you might need to ask permission from the group admin. They set the rules for what gets shared and how. If they say yes, your post could reach more eyes within that cozy circle.

But remember, sharing beyond those walls isn’t possible without stepping out of the group’s privacy bubble—it’s just how things work here on this particular social media platform!

On the Facebook Marketplace

Selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace? You’ll want folks to see and share your listings, right? But hey, you might bump into a problem. Sometimes making your items shareable isn’t a walk in the park.

Don’t worry though; there’s always a way around it.

First off, check those pesky privacy settings. They’re like secret agents keeping your post under wraps. You’ve got to switch them from ‘Only me’ or ‘Friends except..’ to totally public if you want eyes—and shares—galore on what you’re selling.

Sure, editing an existing listing might be tricky since the options are different than regular posts. If that happens, just delete and redo it with the right settings from the start! On mobile too? No sweat! Change up those visibility settings before you tap that post button.

So go ahead, make your marketplace listings shine for everyone to see – and who knows – maybe someone will spot exactly what they’ve been searching for right there in their newsfeed!


Making your Facebook posts shareable is a snap! Just change your privacy to “public,” and you’re good to go. Remember, if you want more people to see what you post, sharing is key.

On any device – phone or computer – the steps are pretty much the same. By sharing, your stories can travel far and catch many eyes; it’s super easy! So go ahead, update those settings and watch as your words make waves across Facebook land.


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