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Does Burger King Accept Google Pay For Payments?

You might wonder how you can pay for your Whopper when you’re at Burger King. Well, let’s talk about using Google Pay to buy that tasty burger. Google Pay is a way people use their phones to pay for things, and now, Burger King lets you do that too! Since July 2023, the famous burger chain has said “yes” to Google Pay in all of its places in the United States.

When it comes to paying, not everyone carries cash or cards anymore. That’s why Burger King offers different ways to pay with your phone – like Samsung Pay and their own BK Crown Card – but sorry Apple users, no Apple Pay here! If you have an Android phone with Lollipop (5.0) or more recent stuff on it, you’re good to go with Google Pay.

Did we mention using this techy way of paying won’t cost extra? And if safety worries you while swiping those plastic cards – don’t sweat it! Google keeps your money safe with cool things like secret codes and checks for bad guys trying to steal.

Some lucky folks can grab their burgers even faster by ordering through the app where they see “Mobile Order & Payment,” though not every place does this yet. Even better? You may be able find a Burger King on Google Maps or Search and get everything done there!

So stick around as we jump into how this all works at our favorite burger spot – without any fees slowing us down and keeping our dollars safer than ever before. Ready for some easy-peasy burger buying? Let’s get started!

Understanding Burger King’s Payment Methods

Let’s dive into the wallet of options when you’re at Burger King, ’cause let’s face it – nobody wants to be that person holding up the line fumbling through a stack of crumpled dollar bills.

Whether you’re an Apple aficionado or a Google guru, we’ve got the skinny on how BK lets you settle the score after devouring your Whopper.

Does Burger King take Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Burger King sure does accept Google Pay as one of its payment methods. Now, if you’re an iPhone user who loves Apple Pay, you might be a bit out of luck here—Burger King doesn’t take it.

But don’t worry; for Android fans and users of Samsung Pay or other Android-based pay apps, you’re in the clear to use your phone to buy those tasty Whoppers.

Paying with your mobile at Burger King is a snap with options like Google Wallet and NFC payments. Just tap your phone at the payment terminal and voila—transaction complete! You can keep those credit cards and cash tucked away because fast food just got faster with these handy mobile payments.

Other digital payment options

Burger King is all about giving you tasty food fast. To make things even quicker, they offer lots of ways to pay.


  • You can use your debit or credit card, just like at any store.
  • Got a PayPal account? You’re in luck because Burger King lets you pay with that too.
  • For those who love to stack up points, Burger King accepts most major gift cards.
  • Hey, don’t forget those loyalty program tokens you’ve been saving! Swap them for a juicy burger.
  • Maybe you have a prepaid card – no problem! It’s good to go at Burger King as well.
  • Love using Venmo with your friends? Good news: bring it to the burger party and use it here too!
  • Are you an Android phone user? Your Google Play Store has a virtual card ready for those fries.
  • Who carries cash nowadays? No worries, contactless payment options are here for a quick tap and go.

How to Use Google Pay at Burger King?

Hey, you ready to ditch the wallet and grab that Whopper with a tap of your phone? Here’s how to use Google Pay at Burger King—because let’s be honest, easier payment means faster munching.

Just when you thought grabbing a quick bite couldn’t get any more convenient, I’m about to walk you through going card-free with your Android. Trust me, once we go tap-and-go, there’s no looking back!

In-restaurant and in-app payments

Paying for your Whopper just got easier! Burger King lets you use Google Pay in their stores and on their app. It’s simple – tap your phone at the register or choose Google Pay as your option when ordering online.

Got a BK Crown Card? Great news! You can add it to your digital wallet and pay with a quick scan. No need to dig through purses or wallets for cash or cards anymore.

Drive-thrus are no exception. Pull up, order those fries, and hold out your smartphone to the payment reader. With Google Pay, it’s all about zipping through without slowing down the burger bliss.

Remember to check if mobile payments are good-to-go at your local Burger King – not all of them have this tech just yet. But hey, more and more BK spots are joining the party every day!

Step-by-step guide

Hey there! If you’re up for a Burger King feast and wanna pay with Google Pay, I’ve got your back. Check out how easy it is.


  1. First things first, grab your smartphone. You’ll need one that works with Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher.
  2. Now, download the Google Pay app from the App Store if you don’t have it yet.
  3. Open up the app and sign in using your Google account details.
  4. Time to add your bank card to Google Pay. Click on “Add a payment method” and enter your card info like the number, expiration date, and CVV code.
  5. Your card’s now in the system! Look over everything to make sure it’s all good.
  6. Head over to Burger King when you’re ready to order some yummy food.
  7. Order at the counter inside or hit up the drive – thru – either way works!
  8. At checkout, just open Google Pay on your phone.
  9. Tap on “Insights,” then connect your payment method within the app by selecting it.
  10. Hold your phone close to the NFC reader till you hear a beep or see a checkmark – that means “all done!”
  11. Finally, grab your receipt and start digging into those tasty treats!

Using Google Pay at the drive-thru

You can use Google Pay to buy your meal at Burger King’s drive-thru. It’s a snap, so you’ll be munching on your food in no time.


  • Drive up to the speaker and let the person know you’d like to pay with Google Pay.
  • Have your smartphone ready by opening the Google Pay app.
  • Reach the window where you pay for your order.
  • Hold your phone near the card reader that has the NFC symbol on it.
  • Wait for a moment; a beep or checkmark on the screen will tell you that the payment worked.
  • Take your receipt and grab your food from the next window.

Benefits and Safety of Using Google Pay at Burger King

Ready to chow down on that Whopper without the hassle of fumbling through your wallet? Ah, let me tell you—tapping to pay with Google Pay at Burger King is not just a techy show-off moment but a smart move too! You’re in for seamless transactions that are as secure as the secret recipe of their iconic burger..

Okay, maybe not that secret, but you get the point. Plus, who needs unnecessary fees eating into their budget when they could be biting into fries instead? Keep reading and I’ll spill all the deets on why flipping out your phone at checkout is the way to go.

Convenient and secure transactions

Paying with Google Pay at Burger King is like having a super-fast wallet. You tap, pay, and boom—you’re done! It’s got this cool thing called NFC (near field communication). Just hold your phone near the card reader, and it sends your payment info without touching anything.

That’s great, right? No more digging in pockets for cash or cards.

Now let’s talk safety because that matters a lot. Google Pay keeps your money safe as a bear guarding its cubs. It uses heavy-duty security stuff—like encryption—and checks who you are with either fingerprint or face recognition before sending any dough.

So, if someone grabs your phone, they can’t just go on a shopping spree at fast food places like Pizza Hut or Taco Bell. Your bank details stay locked tight too; not even Burger King sees them when you buy those fries!

No additional fees

You might think using Google Pay at Burger King could cost you extra, but guess what? It’s free—no hidden tricks! You keep your dollars for what matters: those fries and burgers you love.

That’s right; they don’t tack on a convenience fee when you tap to pay with your phone. So go ahead, use that payment app without worry about paying more just to grab your fast food fix!


So, can you use Google Pay at Burger King? Yes, you sure can! Just grab your phone and tap to pay—it’s that easy. Don’t worry about extra fees; using Google Pay is free. Remember to check if your local Burger King says “yes” to Google Pay before ordering.

Now go enjoy that burger with the quick tap of a phone!


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