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Do Blink Cameras Support Google Home Integration?

Have you ever wished your Blink cameras worked with Google Home? Well, now they can! This is all about how Blink, an Amazon-owned product, buddies up with Google Home through some smart tricks.

We’re talking about using stuff like IFTTT or SmartThings to make it happen. After the setup, you can tell your camera what to do just by talking to Google Assistant.

You’ll find out cool things like watching live videos from your camera and making your home safer with custom routines that work automatically. If tech terms scare you—don’t worry—we’ll keep it simple.

You might even feel like a gadget wizard after connecting Blink to Google Home!

There are other cameras too that play nice with Google right out of the box, like Nest, Arlo and Ring ones. But the magic here is making Blink dance along without being native pals.

Linking Blink to Google gives you more power in less time; think voice commands and not lifting a finger for safety’s sake! Ready for this ride into turning your home into a super-smart fortress? Let’s roll up our sleeves and dive right in—and guess what? It’s easier than tying your shoelaces! Keep reading, there’s lots of neat stuff ahead!

Blink Camera Compatibility with Google Home and Google Assistant

Blink cameras are now buddies with Google Home, thanks to some clever workarounds. If you’ve got a Blink camera and love chatting with Google Assistant, you’re in luck. You no longer need to feel left out because your Blink cams can join the smart home party.

It’s like tech magic – using apps like IFTTT or SmartThings makes them all play nice together. Just imagine saying “Hey Google, show me the front door camera” and actually seeing your Blink camera view on your Nest Hub or Chromecast with Google TV.

Getting this setup isn’t just cool; it’s super useful for keeping an eye on things at home without lifting a finger. Yep, you can ask Google to show live views from your cameras or even arm and disarm them using just your voice! This is huge for smart security fans who want everything working together smoothly.

And let’s be real – talking to our gadgets is kind of fun, right?.

How to Connect Blink to Google Home

Alright, buckle up because we’re diving headfirst into the “smart” deep end here. So you’ve got your Blink camera and you’re itching to get it chummy with Google Home—like two peas in a high-tech pod.

It’s a bit like performing a digital handshake; thankfully, there are some nifty ways to make this intro without breaking a sweat. We’ll chat about those wizard-like tools called IFTTT and SmartThings that act like your own personal tech matchmakers—you know, bringing together all your smart gadgets for one big happy family reunion.

Stay tuned!


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” It’s a cool way to make your Blink cameras and Google Home talk to each other. You set up “applets” which are like small programs that tell your devices what to do.

For example, you might say if my camera sees someone at the door, then send a message to my phone. It’s like making your own smart home recipes!

You need to go on the IFTTT website or app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. There, you create these applets by choosing triggers from your Blink camera—like motion detection—and linking them with actions on your Google Home, such as announcing visitors.

It’s pretty neat because it lets your gadgets work together even though they don’t usually connect directly. Plus, tinkering with IFTTT can be fun!

Using SmartThings

To get Blink cameras and Google Home to work together, SmartThings can help. First, make sure your cameras are set up with the SmartThings hub. Then head over to the Google Home app on your phone or tablet.

Go into Settings and find “Works with Google.” Look for SmartThings in there and turn it on. Now, like magic, you’ve linked Blink with Google Home!

Once it’s all hooked up, talk to your Google Assistant to control your security system. Just say what you need — maybe it’s turning a camera on or off — and let the virtual assistant do its thing.

It feels pretty cool to have such power at just the sound of your voice!

Benefits of Connecting Blink to Google Home

Hey there, smart home aficionados! If you’ve got a Blink camera and are wondering about cozying up to Google Home, boy do I have some news for you. Imagine telling your house to show you who’s at the door without lifting a finger—well, thanks to this nifty integration (and trust me, I’ve tried it), that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Sure, voice commands are cool and all, but when you add in custom routines and automation into the mix.. let’s just say life gets a whole lot easier. You’re not only simplifying security; you’re turning your home into something straight out of those sci-fi movies we all love (minus any apocalyptic AI takeover—phew!).

Voice Control

You can tell your Google Home to take care of things with Blink cameras, just by talking! Say “Ok Google, show the front door camera on my TV,” and it will. You don’t need to stop what you’re doing or even pick up your phone.

It’s awesome for those times when your hands are full or you’re busy making dinner. Just use your voice to check who’s at the door or make sure everything is safe around the house.

Voice commands make managing your home security simple and fast. Imagine being cozy on your couch—no need to get up; just ask Google Assistant to handle things with Blink. You feel like a bit of a superhero controlling gadgets with just words—pretty cool right? And it gets better: linking Blink with Google brings this magic straight into any room in the house where you’ve got a voice assistant ready to go!

Custom Routines and Automation

Okay, let’s talk about making life easier with Blink cameras and Google Home—think of it like teaching your house some cool tricks! Imagine saying “Goodnight” to your Google Assistant, and voila, your home secures itself.

Your Blink cameras can start guarding the front door without you lifting a finger. That’s what happens when you mix custom routines and automation.

Using apps like IFTTT or SmartThings gets the job done. Set up a rule that if motion is detected on your camera, lights turn on or an alarm buzzes. It feels kinda like having superpowers over your home security without needing any magic—just smart tech doing its thing!

Alternative Cameras That Work With Google Home

5. Alternative Cameras That Work With Google Home:.

So, say you’re not totally sold on the Blink series (hey, we all have our preferences), or maybe you just wanna keep your options open—totally get that.. Well, good news! You can still jazz up your smart home setup with a slew of other cameras that cozy up just fine with Google Home.

Keep reading and I’ll give you the scoop on some cool alternatives that might catch your fancy—and yes, they pack some pretty nifty features too!

Google Nest Cameras

Google Nest cameras are like having an extra set of eyes on your home. They’re smart and can tell who’s coming and going with facial recognition tech—pretty nifty, huh? You just plug them in, connect to the internet, and voila! Your house is safer.

And guess what? Talking to a Google Nest camera is as easy as asking your Google Assistant for help. Just say the word, and you can see everything happening at home on your smartphone or even your Google Nest Hub.

Now here’s a cool part: these cameras are not shy about fitting in with other smart home devices. You want to turn lights on when someone walks up to the door? No problem. Set it all up once—and you’re good to go day or night—with crystal clear night vision too.

That’s peace of mind right there!

Arlo Cameras

Arlo cameras are a hit for anyone looking to beef up their home security. They play nice with Google Home, so you can pull off some cool tricks with just your voice. Picture this: You’re cozy on the couch, and you want to see who’s at the front door.

No need to get up—just ask Google, and Arlo flashes the video feed right onto your screen.

Having Arlo in your corner means setting up defenses around your house is a breeze (and almost feels like having superpowers). You can create custom commands that make life easier and even a bit more fun.

Imagine telling your camera to “guard mode” before heading out for ice cream, and knowing it’s all watching over things at home—the future of home automation right there!

Ring Cameras

Ring cameras are cool for keeping an eye on your home, and guess what? They totally work with Google Home. You can say things like, “Hey Google, show me the front door,” and bam—you see who’s there right on your phone or smart display.

It’s like magic! Plus, if you have an Echo Show or an Echo Dot from Amazon, you can control these cameras with your voice too.

Setting them up is a breeze. Just a few taps in the app and you’re good to go. Now, when the doorbell rings while you’re making popcorn for movie night (and let’s be honest—nobody wants burnt popcorn), just shout out a command and check who’s at the door without even pausing the film.

With Ring cameras and smart home integration – everything feels so futuristic!


Okay, so you want to know if Blink cameras work with Google Home? Good news—they can! You might need some extra steps like using IFTTT or SmartThings. But once it’s set up, you can tell your camera what to do with just your voice.

How cool is that?.

You’ll be able to create smart routines and feel more secure at home. Want a camera that talks directly to Google Home? Try Nest Cam, Arlo, or even Ring as alternatives.

Go ahead—give your smart home an upgrade by linking Blink to Google Home. Imagine saying “Hey Google, show me the backyard,” and seeing everything on your phone without lifting a finger.

So why wait? Start exploring this awesome security feature today!

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