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Changing Your Name On Facebook: Easy Tutorial

Changing your name on Facebook is like getting a fresh start without leaving your friends behind. This guide will show you how to do it, step by step. First off, Facebook has rules about names that we’ll need to follow so they let us make the change.

We can use different kinds of names for different reasons, like if someone gets married or wants their business name on their profile too.

If you want to switch things up on your computer or phone, I’ll tell you exactly where to click and what to type. And hey, if you’ve got a nickname or another special name, there’s a spot for that as well! Just remember: when picking a new name, check it twice for any oopsies and make sure it shows who you are.

Sometimes people have questions about privacy and using multiple accounts – don’t worry; we’ve got the answers here too! So grab your keyboard or phone, and let’s get started. It’s easier than tying your shoes—and way more fun! Let’s turn that old name into history!

Facebook Name Change Policy

Alright, so you’re ready for a rebrand on the ol’ Facebook – maybe getting hitched, or just ditching that “Lil” from your high school days. Before we dive into the how-tos, let’s gab about the do’s and don’ts according to Facebook’s own rule book.

They’ve got this cozy little name change policy in place (probably to keep out the trolls and wannabe celebs), ensuring everyone sticks to their real deal identity – most of the time, anyway.

Guidelines for Changing Your Name

Facebook cares a lot about names. They want to make sure everyone uses their real name so friends can find them. To change your name on Facebook, you need to follow their rules. No made-up characters or symbols allowed! Only use characters from the language you speak at home.

Now, let’s say you just got married and want to add your new last name. First, tap the top right of your Facebook page then hit “settings.” Scroll down till you see “Personal and account information,” okay? Click that and go to “Name” where you start the changing process.

You’ll type in what you want your new name to be, pick how it looks on your profile, then enter your password and hit “Save Changes.” Just like that, friends will start seeing your new name! Keep in mind; these changes can’t happen all the time – once every 60 days is the rule.

Alternatives for Changing Your Name

So you want a new name on Facebook, but not a complete change? No problem! You can add a nickname, maiden name, or even a married name. This way, friends can still find you easily.

Plus, it shows who you are and how others know you.

Maybe your business is growing and needs a fresh look online. Changing your business name on Facebook helps with that! It makes sure people see the right brand when they search for you—a big win for getting noticed more.

How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Alright, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of tweaking your moniker on Facebook – it’s smoother than butter on a hot pancake! Whether you’re glued to a desktop or you can’t pry that smartphone from your hands, we’ve got the easy-peasy steps to freshen up your profile with the new name that screams “you.” So grab a seat (or don’t, if you’re on mobile), and let’s make that name change official..

On Desktop Browser

Got a computer? Great. Let’s get your Facebook name changed right on your desktop. Start by clicking on your profile picture—it’s usually in the top right corner of the screen. Now, find “Settings & Privacy.” It sounds like a secret club, but it’s just where you need to go next! Click it and look for “Personal Information.” Like magic, you’ll see an option that says “Name.” This is where things get real.

Click there and type in the new name you want everyone to call you by on Facebook. But here comes the fun part – don’t rush through it! Triple-check that spelling because typos are sneaky little gremlins waiting to mess things up.

Once everything looks good, hit ‘Review Change.’ You’ve got this; now breathe easy as you wait for Facebook to give the thumbs up on your shiny new name. Keep in mind—you can’t switch names all willy-nilly; once done, you have to wait 60 days before changing it again.

So make sure this change counts!

On Mobile App

Changing your name on Facebook using your mobile app is a piece of cake! Just grab your phone and tap the icon with three stacked lines—it’s right there in the corner. Dive into “Settings & Privacy,” then hit “Settings” and sail straight to “Personal Information.” It’s like going on a mini treasure hunt, but instead of gold, you’ll find the spot to change your name.

If you’re on an Android or iPhone, doesn’t matter—the steps are pretty much the same.

Make sure everything looks good before tapping ‘Save.’ Oh, and don’t hurry; take it slow to make sure your new name shines bright like it should!

Adding a Nickname

You can spice up your Facebook profile with a cool nickname. It’s actually pretty simple to add one! Just hop onto the mobile app, tap on “Edit Profile,” then find where it says “Details About You.” Here, you’ll see an option to add other names, like a nickname or birth name.

Choose what fits best for you and decide how it shows up on your profile.

Maybe you’ve got a fun name your friends call you or even something official like ‘Dr.’ that makes sense for others to know about. Adding this extra bit of personality to your account lets people find you easier and gets to show off a more complete picture of who you are – beyond just the name mom and dad gave ya!

Things to Know

Alright, friends—before you dive headfirst into the name-changing pool on Facebook, there’s some insider info to keep in your back pocket. From what might go down if you sidestep those pesky guidelines (hint: it’s not pretty) to the lowdown on juggling multiple personas online, we’re peeling back the curtain on all things identification.

Plus, we’ll chat about why society is giving major side-eye to privacy concerns these days. So let’s buckle up and get ready for a little knowledge journey—it’s gonna be a bumpy yet enlightening ride!

What Happens if You Don’t Adhere to Guidelines

If you don’t follow the rules for changing your name on Facebook, you could hit a wall. Your request to change your name might get denied. That’s right; they can say no and keep your name just as it is.

Worse case, they might even flag your account if something seems fishy.

There are times when Facebook will ask for extra proof. You may need to show them an ID or other documents that prove who you are. And remember, if you’ve confirmed your current name already, trying to switch it up again might be tricky.

They’re pretty strict about making sure everyone uses their real names – it’s all in the community standards!

Can You Have Multiple Facebook Accounts

You might wonder whether you can juggle more than one Facebook account. Good news! It’s possible to have multiple personal profiles on the platform. Imagine having different spaces for your hobbies, work, and personal life – that’s what you can do with up to 4 additional Facebook profiles under one main account.

And guess what? Each of these accounts could even have the same name.

Now, while Facebook lets you create these extra profiles, they’re not yet part of the fancy Accounts Center where you might manage an Instagram account too. Oh, and here’s a neat trick – each profile can use a different email address! So there’s no mix-up between messages from your travel blog page or notes from family members.

Keep in mind though that managing several accounts comes with its own set of challenges, like keeping track of all those logins!

Remember (oops!) – I mean keep in mind (wink), this is about balancing convenience with responsibility; don’t get tangled up in too many accounts now!

Understanding Society’s Privacy Concerns

Society worries about keeping personal stuff safe on the internet. Facebook is a big place where folks share their lives with friends, but sometimes they don’t want everyone to see everything.

Meta Platforms Inc., which used to be called Facebook, makes money from using our data. That’s why some people are not happy and feel nervous about privacy.

Facebook has tools to help us decide who can see our things online. We get to choose if our details are private or public for everyone to see. People like you and me need to know how these settings work so we can use Facebook safely without sharing more than we want to.

Tips for Changing Your Name on Facebook

So, you’re thinking about a name change on Facebook? – I’ve got some nifty tips up my sleeve that’ll make the process smoother than your morning cup of joe; keep reading to find out just how easy it can be!

Check for Spelling Errors Before Submitting

Before you hit “save” on that new Facebook name, stop and look it over. Spelling mistakes can make a big mess! Your friends might not know it’s you if your name has typos. You want to get it right the first time since Facebook won’t let you change it again for 60 days.

Just imagine having a silly typo in your name for two whole months—yikes!

Grab a buddy—or use spell check—to go through your new name carefully. Make sure every letter is perfect. This little step saves you from headaches later on. Now, go ahead and update that profile with confidence!

Use a Name That Reflects Your Identity

Pick a name for Facebook that shows who you really are. It should be the one your friends and family call you by every day. This isn’t just about following rules; it’s about making sure everyone knows how to find you on Facebook.

If your real-life buddies can’t search for you because of a funky, made-up name, that’s no good!

Now, what if you’re known by two names? No worries! Facebook lets you add another name to your account—like a maiden name or a nickname—as long as it’s also a part of who you are in the real world.

Just remember, this shouldn’t be some random character from a book or movie—it’s got to be tied to your true self. Keep it genuine and let your profile reflect the person everyone sees off-screen too.

Adding Another Name to Your Account

You can jazz up your Facebook profile with a nickname. Maybe you’re known by a special name to friends, or you have a business alias. It’s easy! Just hop into your account settings on the website.

If you’re on an iPad or iPhone, open the Facebook app and tap “Edit Your About Info” at the bottom of your user profile.

On Androids too, changing names is no sweat. Scroll down in your profile and give that “Edit” button a tap—add any name that feels like you. Doing this lets people find you under this new tag while keeping things legit with Facebook’s rules.

No need for multiple accounts when one does it all!

What to Do if You Can’t Change Your Facebook Name

If your Facebook name won’t change, take a deep breath. First, make sure you’re following the rules for names. No weird characters from multiple languages or symbols that look like something else.

Also, if you’ve changed your name recently or confirmed it already, Facebook makes you wait a bit before doing it again.

Still stuck? It’s okay! Sometimes tech is tricky—even on big sites like Facebook. Try using another internet browser or visit on your phone. If none of this works and you’re scratching your head in confusion, reach out to Facebook help.

They can guide you through any tough spots so you can get back to sharing and liking stuff on your news feed in no time!


Alright, you’ve got the scoop on changing your name on Facebook. It’s pretty simple to do from both your computer and phone. Just dive into settings, tap or click on “Name,” and type in your new one! Remember, you can even add a nickname to stand out.

Make sure that name shines for who you are – no fakes allowed! And hey, if things don’t work right away or spelling gets jumbled up, just try again. Ready to show off that new name? Go ahead, make it official and enjoy your refreshed Facebook profile!

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