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Can You Still Earn Money Blogging On WordPress In 2024?

Blogging on WordPress isn’t just for fun. It’s a way to make real money, and in 2024, it’s still kicking. Imagine writing about stuff you love and cashing in by adding ads or selling your own cool things online.

Even better, hook up with brands as an affiliate partner – when your readers buy their stuff, you get a slice of the pie.

Now hold on; making money from blogging doesn’t happen overnight. Give it about 6-12 months – that’s what most bloggers need before they see some green. And here’s something awesome: nearly one out of five bloggers can eventually quit their day jobs because their blog pays the bills!

To start strong, write killer posts people want to read and learn a bit about SEO – that’s the secret sauce for getting your blog seen by more eyes. And hey, don’t put all your eggs in one basket; try different ways to earn like joining forces with other products or having folks sign up for special member perks.

Don’t forget this: more visitors mean more moolah! So make sure folks can find and enjoy your blog easily, especially on phones where everyone’s scrolling these days. Stick around – we’ve got solid tips coming right up to help speed up cash flow from your very own WordPress blog!

Can You Still Make Money Blogging in 2024?

Oh boy, the million-dollar question — can you still rake in some green with a WordPress blog in 2024? You betcha! But before you dive headfirst into the blogosphere, let’s debunk some myths and get real about what it takes to turn those words into dollars.

Misconceptions about blogging

Some folks think you can’t make real money with blogging anymore. That’s just not true! Bloggers today still earn by using affiliate linksselling digital products, or putting ads on their sites.

Some say it’s too late to start a blog on WordPress in 2024—another myth! With the right steps and tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your blog can shine brighter than ever.

People often get it wrong about how blogs make money. They see big names making full-time incomes and assume everyone does that quickly. But there’s more to it. You need time to grow, find your target audience, and connect with them through social media like Instagram or Pinterest.

Writing high-quality content is key; sprinkle in some keyword research here and smart email address collecting there—and watch as those little steps lead to bigger paychecks from things like sponsored posts or even creating online courses!

Steps to start a successful blog in 2024

Starting a successful blog in 2024 is very possible. You just need to follow the right steps and put in the work.


  • Pick a catchy domain name that stands out. Make sure it’s easy to spell and remember.
  • Choose a blogging platform like WordPress for its flexibility and features.
  • Get reliable web hosting service. This keeps your blog online all day, every day.
  • Find your niche. Blog about something you love and know lots about.
  • Plan your content marketing strategy. Decide how often you’ll post and what topics you’ll cover.
  • Learn SEO optimization basics. Use keywords to show up in Google search results.
  • Write high – quality blog posts that solve problems or entertain readers (or both!).
  • Set up social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share your work.
  • Join affiliate programs related to your blog’s topic for extra income.
  • Add Google Adsense to earn ad revenue when people click on ads on your site.
  • Create an email list to keep subscribers coming back for more with updates and special offers.
  • Explore sponsored content but be choosy – work with brands that fit your blog’s style.
  • Consider offering ebooks or courses if you’re an expert in something special.


Factors that can affect blog monetization

Your blog’s topic is a big deal. Choose the right niche, and you’re on your way to catching lots of readers’ eyes. Pick something too broad or crazily specific, and it might be tougher to make cash.

Now, let’s talk about traffic – yep, those clicks matter! More viewers mean more chances to earn from ads or affiliate marketing.

Think about how your blog looks. Is it easy to read? If folks enjoy hanging around because everything’s neat and pretty, they might click on that cost per click (CPC) ad or sign up for your paid subscription.

Social media can help too! Share your stuff on places like LinkedIn or TikTok, and you could see more visitors in no time. Oh, don’t forget: Being buddies with Google helps a ton—so using SEO tricks like picking great keywords is key!

How Long Does It Take to Make Money Blogging in 2024?

Alright, buckle up folks—let’s get real. When you’re itching to see those pretty pennies rolling in from your blog on WordPress in 2024, patience is gonna be more than a virtue; it’s the name of the game.

Sure, we’ve all heard these overnight success tales that spread like wildfire across social platforms (we wish!), but here’s the scoop: turning your weblog into a cash cow takes time—don’t expect to hit the jackpot while you’re still setting up your “About Me” page.

Statistics from blogging surveys and real bloggers

Digging into the numbers, we unearth some real-deal stats and tales from the blogging trenches. Let’s peek at what surveys and actual bloggers have to say about the earnings game:


Statistic/Insight Source Details
Time to First Income ProBlogger Survey Most bloggers report 6-12 months before seeing that first dollar.
Full-Time Income Research Around 17% of bloggers can sustain their lifestyle purely from their blogs after several years.
Income Streams Income School YouTube Channel Diversifying with affiliate marketing, products, ads, and services leads to better financial security.
Monthly Earnings Average BloggingPro Survey Bloggers often earn between $200 to $2,500 per month in the first couple of years.
Success Rate Smart Blogger Insights Only about 5-10% of bloggers achieve “success” as defined by their personal income goals.
Niche Importance Authority Hacker Podcast Picking a profitable niche can drastically increase chances of financial success.
SEO Impact Backlinko Analysis Bloggers who prioritize SEO strategies tend to see a 2x faster growth in traffic and income.


So you see, it isn’t just a walk in the park. These stats, pulled from the wisdom of the crowd, shine a spotlight on the hustle needed. Heads up, friends – blogging in 2024 still holds promise, but it’s no magic bullet. Hustle and heart, that’s the secret sauce.

Factors that can affect the time it takes to make money from a blog

Your blog’s topic choice, or “niche selection,” really matters. Pick a niche that people love and want to read about, and you can make money faster. But if you choose something not many care about, it’ll be tough.

How often you post counts too – more quality posts mean more visitors and quicker earnings.

Now let’s talk traffic! Getting lots of folks to your blog is key. You need good digital marketing skills for that. Use social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram to tell the world about your posts.

And don’t forget SEO strategies – they help people find you when they search online. Plus, the way your blog looks is important too; make sure it has a nice design using awesome WordPress themes.

Money-wise, think beyond ads – try different things like selling products or setting up a membership site with exclusive content people pay for—also known as subscription model magic! The more ways you have for making cash from your blog, the better chances you’ve got at filling up that piggy bank quickly!

Tips to Make Money From Your Blog Faster in 2024

Ready to turn that digital real estate into a cash cow, pronto? Stick around as we dish out some spicy tips on how you can get your blog’s cash registers ringing louder and faster in 2024—no crystal ball needed, just pure hustle and smarts!

Setting up your blog correctly

Okay, let’s talk about setting up your blog the right way. It’s like building a house—you need a solid foundation to keep it standing strong.


  1. Pick your platform – WordPress is a top choice for many content creators. It’s user-friendly and has tons of layouts to make your blog look just right.
  2. Choose a web hosting company – You want your blog to be fast and always online. Partner with a reliable host that keeps your site running smooth.
  3. Get a catchy domain name – This is your address on the web (the www part). Make sure it’s easy to remember and says something about your blog.
  4. Design matters – Go for mobile-first design because lots of folks read on their phones. Keep line length short so it’s easier to read.
  5. SEO is key – Use tools like Yoast SEO to help people find you through Google. Write great meta descriptions to catch their eye in search results.
  6. High – quality images are important – Use sites like Unsplash for beautiful stock photos that make your posts pop without breaking the bank.
  7. Set up categories – Think of these like aisles in a store; they help readers find what they’re interested in.
  8. Add social sharing buttons – Make it super easy for readers to share your content on social networks like Snapchat or Reddit.
  9. Create an ‘About Me’ page – Tell your story! People love connecting with the person behind the posts.
  10. Install Google Analytics – Keep track of who visits your blog and what they love most with this powerful tool—it’s like having secret insight into your audience!
  11. Prepare for money-making – If you’re thinking about advertising revenue or affiliate links, set those up early so everything’s ready when traffic comes pouring in.
  12. Legal pages are a must-have – Protect yourself with terms of service and privacy policy pages, especially if you’re aiming to turn this into an LLC or sole proprietorship down the road.
  13. Plan out content – Brainstorm ideas so you’re never stuck wondering what to write next.
  14. Stay organized with an editorial calendar – This dashboard keeps track of all you plan to publish; think of it as your blogging roadmap!


Focusing on core activities

To make real money from your blog in 2024, you’ve got to zero in on the most important tasks. It’s like finding the secret sauce for your blogging recipe – concentrate on what brings success.

Writing high-quality blog posts

Creating top-notch blog posts is a big deal if you’re aiming to make cash from your WordPress site in 2024. Think of your blog like an online store where words are your best products.

You’ve gotta hook readers with juicy headlines and keep them coming back for more with engaging, useful content. Use images – yes, even stock photos can do the trick – and break up text to boost legibility.

Let’s say you’re talking about “productive blogging”; don’t just tell folks about it – show them how it’s done through your writing style.

High-quality content isn’t only about being a good writer. It’s also smart to sprinkle some SEO magic into your posts so people can find you on Google without breaking a sweat. Keep an eye on keywords like ‘freelance writing’ or ‘blog marketing’.

Plus, toss in a YouTube video or two to mix things up and help explain complex points – just like adding spice to a meal! And always remember that mighty call-to-action; it guides readers towards what they should do next – whether signing up for Patreon goodies or joining entrepreneurial online communities where ideas soar high as kites in clear blue skies!

Utilizing SEO strategies

Okay, so you’ve got your blog posts sparkling with cool stuff that people wanna read. But how do folks find your blog? That’s where SEO comes into play—it’s like a magnet pulling readers in.

Think of keywords as secret codes that tell search engines what your post is all about. You drop them in like hidden treasures throughout your writing.

Now, don’t overdo it and cram keywords everywhere—that’s not cool. Instead, pick the right ones and sprinkle them naturally into your titles, headings, and content. And hey, those pictures you use? Give them names that match what folks might search for (pro tip: “stock images” can get some eyes on your page).

Linking to other awesome parts of your site or even other sites shows you know what’s up too. It’s kinda like telling Google, “Hey look at this great neighborhood my blog lives in!” Do these things well and watch as more readers come knocking at your digital door!

Diversifying income streams

Diversifying your income streams is just like not putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s smart blogging business, keeping cash flowing even if one way starts to dip.


  • Mix it up with ads – You can show ads on your blog and get paid. Platforms like Google AdSense give you money based on how many people see or click the ads.
  • Sell products – Think about having an online store on your blog. You could sell things like ebooks, courses, or cool merchandise.
  • Offer services – Are you good at something? Use your blog to sell what you do well, like coaching, writing, or design work.
  • Post sponsored content – Sometimes, companies pay you to write about their stuff. Just make sure it fits with what your readers like.
  • Get into affiliate marketing – Talk about products and get a cut when your readers buy them through your links. Companies have programs that help you do this.
  • Use memberships – Let fans pay for extra goodies. This could be special content or a community space where they can talk with each other.
  • Host webinars or workshops – Teach people stuff they want to learn about. Charge a little fee for these online classes.
  • Ask for donations – If people love what you’re doing, they might give you money just because. Tools like Patreon make setting this up easy.



Sure, you can still make money with your WordPress blog in 2024. Remember, start with a good plan and the right steps. Make sure your posts are top-notch and people can find them easily online.

Think about different ways to earn cash from your blog. And hey, just go for it—start writing, keep learning, and who knows? Your words might just pay off!

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